Drama Trainers

Drama Trainers

Elevate Your Skills with Soho Editors: Unleash the Expertise of Industry Professionals

At Soho Editors, our trainers aren't just instructors; they are seasoned professionals immersed in their respective creative domains. Drawing from the rich pool of talent within our freelance agency, we effortlessly uphold the highest standards in every training session. When you enroll in one of our courses, rest assured that your course leader is not just knowledgeable but brings a wealth of real-world experience, ensuring a learning journey that goes beyond textbooks.

Why Choose Soho Editors for Your Training Needs?

  1. Industry-Seasoned Professionals: Our trainers are actively engaged in their fields, bringing a depth of practical insights to your learning experience.
  2. Freelance Agency Expertise: Benefit from the diverse talents of our freelance agency, ensuring a dynamic and rich learning environment.
  3. Cutting-Edge Knowledge: All our manufacturers' accredited courses are meticulously delivered by fully Certified Instructors. These experts undergo regular retraining, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry advancements.
  4. Real-world Experience: Gain valuable insights from trainers with real-world experience, offering not just theoretical knowledge but practical application.

Stay Ahead with Our Certified Instructors:

Our certified trainers go beyond conventional teaching methods, providing a learning experience that's dynamic, relevant, and aligned with the latest updates. Continuous retraining is integral to maintaining their certification status, ensuring that you receive training from professionals who are always abreast of the most recent developments in their fields.

Maximise Your Learning Potential:

Enrol with Soho Editors and tap into a training experience crafted by industry professionals. Elevate your skills, stay current with the latest trends, and embark on a learning journey that translates into tangible success in your chosen field.

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Rory Cantwell CompositorEditor (Offline / Online)Motion Graphic DesignerColourist
Rory Cantwell
Trainer Details Rory has been with Soho Editors since the very beginning as one of our founders and has come to be one of our most requested people.
Bernard Lyall Editor (Offline / Online)
Bernard Lyall
Trainer Details Bernard is a highly experienced editor working across a wide variety of genres.