Bernard Lyall

Bernard Lyall Editor (Offline / Online).

Bernard is a highly experienced editor working across a wide variety of genres.

Bernard is our certified Avid Trainer for the Avid Editing Essentials and Avid Effects Essentials Courses.

Ch5 comedy drama.

Carlton TV thriller

BBC Screen Two drama

BBC Screenplay

BBC 4-pt drama

1 of 5-pt BBC drama

BBC 6-part drama

BBC 7-part drama

BBC single drama

BBC single drama

NFTS grad. film & Student Oscar winner

2 x 48mins, WMR/Discovery. Drama-docs examining and reconstructing secret military operations.

2 x 60 mins. Atlantic drama-docs for Discovery.

Additional editing on the BBC drama-doc series

60 mins, Wingspan/BBC. 1st of 3-pt. series. From La Boheme to Oscar Wilde, the origin and antics of our most decadent and amusing tribe.

60 mins, October/BBC. How we became world-beaters.

45 mins, Transparent TV/Ch5. Facial surgeons transform the lives of Vietnamese children with facial deformities

50 mins, BBC Arabic. A wall divides Israelis and Arabs in the town of Lod.

60 min BBC Arts doc. Andrew Graham-Dixon journeys through Spain’s 16th & 17th Centuries, to find a culture obsessed with religion and death.

Pt.3, Do It Yourself - 30 min for Ch4/Tiger on novel architecture.

50 min. BBC/Mentorn profile of ex-head of Britain’s MI5 security service.

1 (of 6) x 60 mins, Films Of Record/BBC. Life and death on the children’s hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. BAFTA Nominated: Best Factual Series 2013

2 (of 3) x 60 mins, OFTV/BBC. The growth of our monarchy through the British Library’s collection of illuminated manuscripts, with Janina Ramirez.

60 mins, BBC. Will Mik, Sue and Judy ever walk again? Do they want to?

50 min. BBC ‘This World’. The deadly fake drug trade. Peabody Award winner 2006

50 min. Bodyshock doc, Mentorn/Ch4/Discovery. 76 st. Nebraskan Patrick Deuel.

3 (of 6) x 25mins. Films Of Record/BBC World. The changing patterns of global wealth, with entrepreneurs from China, India and Africa

2 x 60 mins, Boundless/BBC. 2 of 3-pt series on UK emergency medics. Helicopter ambulances, roadside open-chest surgery and neo-natal operations - co-credit

54 mins, Blink Films/PBS. 2nd of 6-pt. series on the brain, examining identity and memory - co-credit

48 mins, Blink Films/Ch4. The mystery of the sacred Ark – its origins, history and where it might be now - co-credit.

48 mins, True Vision/Ch. 4. Food poverty in Britain, through the eyes of three children and their families - co-credit

60 mins. Wingspan/BBC. Helped by animations, scientist Dave Cliff takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Logic, from Aristotle to the internet. Best International Science Documentary Film” - 'AFO 50' science festival; Grierson Awards shortlist & Banff Rockie Award Nominee

1 (of 6) x 60mins, Century Films/BBC. Behind the scenes of the 'football line', as it strains under growing passenger numbers.

60 mins, Wingspan/BBC. Ian Hislop on Victorian bankers.

60 min, BBC 'This World' doc on climate change impacts around the world. Grand Prix de Geneve, Festival Médias Nord Sud 2006

60 mins, True Vision/BBC: following 6 new prison officer recruits.

46 min doc, Scream Films/Discovery. Three families with genetic Fatal Insomnia

52 min. Ch4/Twenty Twenty doc; real-life murder trial drama.

BBC, 60 mins. Sri Satya Sai Baba, legendary Indian guru, magician and paedophile; “Race Hate in Louisiana” – the fight for civil-rights returns to the South; “Girl Squad” – an all-female peacekeeping deployment in Liberia.

2 films; Atlantic Prods./Readers Digest

Ch.4/October Films. Ugandan rebel war

3 films; Atlantic Prods./BBC, dir. Clive Maltby

BBC 3-pt. series, dir. Molly Dineen

BBC doc with Gerald Scarfe

BBC Omnibus on Nigerian art, dir. David Lan

Ch4 11th Hour on Gabriel Garcia Marquez

BBC Under The Sun, dir. Jo Head

Ch4 Cutting Edge on Belfast paramedics, dir. Jo Head

Various - on E. Waugh, G. Greene, Ken Russell, etc.

60 mins, BBC. Rock, jazz, Berlin and the H-bomb

60 mins, BBC. Presidential profile, accompanying his inauguration - co-credit

52 mins, Blakeway/BBC. A personal account of Alexander Litvinenko’s flight and death, by Andrei Nekrasov and Leslie Woodhead.

45 min. CNN/Mentorn doc. on Martin McGuinness and the peace process. DuPont-Columbia Silver Baton Award 2002

40 mins, BBC. Is Ariel Sharon a war criminal? FPA TV Story Of The Year, 2001

40 min. BBC; naming the suspects in Northern Ireland’s worst bombing. Winner of 3 RTS awards including Programme of the Year, 2000

60 min. PBS Frontline/Mentorn, & BBC. Analysis of the road to war in 2003.

50 min. Ch4/Mentorn doc. on their special relationship.

BBC – 6 x 40 or 45 min. films on: Yasser Arafat and Israel’s policy of isolation; a disastrous undercover drug operation in small town Texas; the dodgy Turks & Caicos Isles; the real story behind Iranair 655; The UN in E.Timor; Bishop Belo of E.Timor; plus many short items

BBC -13 x 30 to 60 min. films on various topics, from computer game addiction and rip-off supermarkets to NATO’s Kosovo air campaign and violent mental patients.

2 x 50 mins, Twenty Twenty/Ch4. A year in the lives of 7 obese children, in their own words, with updates over the next decade - co-credit.

2 x 47mins, Boundless/Ch4. Two episodes of the Bafta-winning architectural series

90 min feature. Co-credit. Atmospheric crime caper. 35mm

25 min Ch4/Merchant Ivory/RCA. A poor village buys a radio they can’t afford. 16mm/Avid

23 mins. A young man loses five days’ takings from his father’s shop. 35mm/Avid

26 min. BBC drama. Second-chance love and prize pigeons. 16mm

11 mins. Whitehall mandarins count the cost of a plot to murder an ex-Nazi. 16mm

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