Tailored Training Solutions: Elevate Your Skills with Bespoke Training!

Tailored Training Solutions: Elevate Your Skills with Bespoke Training!

Why Choose Bespoke Training with Soho Editors?

There may be many reasons why Tailoring your training experience with Bespoke Training works for you:

Team Training Solutions:
Optimise Your Collective Potential!

  • Diverse skill levels across the team.
  • Workflows between multiple applications.
  • Need comprehensive or overview-style training.
  • Team Collaboration.

Individual Training Solutions:
Elevate Your Skills Today!

  • Crafting a specific project or video.
  • Learning a particular task or workflow.
  • Creative and/or technical lessons tailored to a specific application.

Opt for Personalised Learning: 3 Bespoke Styles for You!

Unlock tailored training with our 3 bespoke styles—immerse yourself in fully interactive courses meticulously designed for your unique needs. Elevate your skills with Soho Editors.

Live Online Training:
Maximise Your Learning Experience!

Learn Anywhere, Anytime!

Access your course seamlessly from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you choose! Unlock flexible learning with Soho Editors.

Course Recording Access: Unlimited and Indefinite!

Enjoy limitless and perpetual access to your course recording. Elevate your learning with Soho Editors.

1-Hour Follow-Up: Post-Course Trainer Check-In!

Benefit from a 1-hour "Check-Up" with your trainer within a month after the course.

Classroom Training:
Optimise Your Learning Environment!

Private Classroom Rental: State-of-the-Art Training Rooms!

Secure exclusive access to our cutting-edge training rooms with private classroom rental.

Workstations Provided: Your Course, Your Station!

Total convenience with our provided workstations tailored for your course.

Be In The Room: Train with Immediate Hands-On Assistance!

Opt for training in the same room as the trainer for instant hands-on assistance. Elevate your learning with Soho Editors.

On-Site Training:
Tailored Learning Where You Are!

On-Site Training: We Bring the Course to You!

Your Workstations: Train on Your Machine with Local Settings!

Your Environment: Seamlessly Integrate Systems and Servers in Your Training!

    Bespoke Training Includes:

  • Personalised Curriculum
  • 3-Month Telephone and Email Support
  • Relevant Course Manuals

Explore Options and Kickstart Your Bespoke Training Course. Contact Us Today!