Build Your Own Camera Course

Build Your Own Camera Course

Looking for a catered version of our Shoot and Edit courses? There are many reasons why a bespoke training package may be more suitable for you and/or your team

  • Looking to create a specific type of video (interviews, sports, drama, promo, etc.)
  • Task / workflow specific training needs
  • Creative and Technical Lessons
  • Require a more compehensive or overview style training
  • Group training

Below are two examples of the different types of Camera courses that we can arrange for you and your team, for various types of projects (actual, fiction, reports, adverts, corporate, events coverage, etc.):

1 Day Shoot Course

Session 1: Introduction & Location Recce

  • Project Brief Choices
  • Planning Your Project
  • Research
  • Location
  • Talent
  • Length, Format and Tone

Session 2: Planning and Setup

  • Key Locations and necessary clearances
  • Create a shot list / Storyboard
  • Sound Planning
  • Multicam Shoot Plan
  • Equipment Check

Session 3: Shoot - Exterior

Everyone will have a chance to practice capturing:

  • Wide Shots
  • Action
  • Reporter - Interview
  • Public - Interview
  • Cut-Aways

Session 4: Shoot - Interior

  • Setup Lights
  • Basic Interview Setups
  • Review of Shoot

You can tag this course onto any of our Introduction to Editing Courses, such as:

5 Day Shoot and Edit Course

Day 1: Preparation and Filming

  • Introduction, examples and 5-day break down.
  • Planning your project: Assessing the brief, length, audience & output format.
  • Planning interviews
  • Types of shots
  • Location choices
  • Storyboarding / shot list.
  • Equipment set-up (camera, tripod, mic)
  • PRINCIPLE INDOORS FILMING (interviews and main shots)
  • Capturing / Transferring footage to the computer system.
  • Reviewing the Rushes.

Day 2: Filming and Edit

  • OUTDOORS FILMING (interviews and main shots)
  • Shooting B-roll (cut-aways and extra shots).
  • Recording additional sound.
  • Introduction to: Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro X
  • Selecting and viewing footage
  • Building a rough cut of your project

Day 3: Filming and Edit (Cont.)

  • Shooting 'pick-ups'
  • Editing tools and tips
  • Creating titles
  • Working with music
  • Importing additional footage and elements

Day 4: Focusing on the Edit

  • Working with sound
  • Creating lower thirds
  • Refining the edit
  • Recording an additional voice over

Day 5: Final Changes, Export and Delivery

  • Fixing problem shots
  • Enhancing the edit
  • Creating graphics
  • Completing the project = Colour grading & effects
  • Outputting: Broadcast, Web, Publishing
  • Archiving
  • Summary

Let us build your next course around the lessons you need, with the kit required. We can design the course for different levels, accompanied by various editing applications.

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