Apple Certified Final Cut Pro X Pro Video Editing Tutorials from Soho Editors

Apple Certified Final Cut Pro X Pro Video Editing Tutorials from Soho Editors

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You can learn to edit video with our Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Online Pro Video Tutorials from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace! They are perfect for total beginners new to video editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X and experienced Video Editors wanting to lean a new system. Availability: Worldwide

10 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials

With over 10 hours available of Final Cut Pro Apple Certified Pro Tutorials, you will learn the essentials of editing video clips, adding audio, titles grading and effects, to efficiently communicate your ideas and abilities from wherever you are in the world, with the UK’s premier professional video editing training provider and includes a Free Bonus Tutorial.

Duration: Free Bonus Tutorial 44 mins. Full Series: 10 hours 4 minutes

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Apple Certified Tutorials

Our Professional Apple Certified Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Apple Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Apple Authorised Trainers.

Learn to edit video with Final Cut Pro like a Pro for Only £49.

Final Cut Pro X: The Professional Post Production Tutorial Series (FCPX101T) from Soho Editors on Vimeo.

Duration: 1:06:26

What you will learn: Creating a library: Understanding where your media is: Understanding events: Understanding import menu options: Understanding the inspector: Consolidating a library: Optomising and proxy media and why you might do it: Understanding codecs: Importing media: Understanding and applying keywords: Creating a project: Marking a clip: Favouriting, un-rating and rejecting clips: Deleting clips from a library: An introduction to the Interface: Navigating on clips and in the timeline: Zooming in the viewer, browser and timeline: Using / Saving windows layouts: Skimming on video and audio: Using snapping: Assigning audio roles: Adjusting audio before editing.

Duration: 1:03:56
What you will learn:
Marking clips and navigating to marks: Making a radio edit: Using the edit buttons and shortcuts: Connected, insert, append to end, overwrite: Moving your playhead numerically: Dragging to insert: Understanding the magnetic timeline: Finding out the marked duration: Fundamentals to the how FCPX behaves: Understanding the selection and the position tool: Understanding connected clips: Muting clips: Edit to selections: Replacing with a gap clip: Adding cutaways and back-timing a clip: Adding J or L cuts: Add a marker to align action to music: Editing just video, or audio, or both: Understanding the skimmer - playhead relationship: 3 point editing in FCPX: Introduction to the trim tool: Rolling transitions and slipping and sliding content: Cutting to music and using the blade tool: Adding a generator: Replacing with and inserting a gap clip.

Duration: 21:41
What you will learn: Duplicating a project and finding a project in the browser: Using the replace editing functions: Using audition clips: Trimming to playhead and timeline selection shortcut tips.

Duration: 23:57
What you will learn:
Adding blade speed effects and adjusting parameters: Controlling the impact in your timeline: Lifting a clip fro the primary storyline: Getting the best quality and frame interpolating: Pushing clips back into the primary storyline with shortcuts: Introducing the speed menu options: Stabilising a clip: Understanding viewing quality options.

Duration: 29:35

What you will learn: Creating and understanding secondary storylines: Adjusting clip position using the keyboard: Playback options: Using an extend edit to ripple and roll: Fine timing with keyboard shortcuts: Match framing: Moving the connections of connected clips: Loving primary storyline clips without loving connected clips: Trimming using the precision editor.

Duration: 1:16:31
What you will learn: Editing Techniques: Importing Projects and Sequences: Relinking Media: Editing a Promo: Editing Cutaways: Using Slip and Slide tools.

Duration: 54:34
What you will learn: Creating a wall of pictures graphic: Using and transforming Compound Clip: Optimising your layout for layers: Applying and controlling transformations: Copying and pasting Attributes: Adjusting multiple clips in the inspector: Key-framing and animating: Navigating between timelines with shortcuts: Applying Filter basics: Using the Show Video Animation Layout: Applying linear and sooth motion: Applying composite modes: Explaining and viewing Alfa channels: Importing stills and setting default duration: Quick workflows for slide shows: Storyboard Editing multiple clips: Adjusting the duration of multiple clips in one go: Adjusting and understanding the Special Conform settings: Using the Crop Tool options: Using the Distort tool

Duration: 21:06
What you will learn: Duplicating your edit: Applying filters and understand filter order: Deleting filters: Saving an effects preset: Green screen keying: Removing effects: Correcting for spill: Refining your key.

Duration: 40:09
What you will learn: Adding and adjusting 2d and 3d text: Saving styles and formatting: Understanding the published parameters tab: Adjusting line spacing and other design aspects: Applying a lower third: Setting up your default colour corrector: Editing text elements: An Introduction to motion text elements: Changing the look of 3D text: Adding multiple materials, lighting and textures: Duplicating text elements: Adding and scrolling title: Introduction to generators: Making and adding subtitles and captions: Importing subtitles: Adjusting multiple subtitles: Exporting subtitles

Duration: 1:06:23
What you will learn: Customising your layout for colour: An introduction to RGB colour space: Understanding the vectorscope tool: Understanding the RGB parade: Using the colour wheels: Techniques to isolate information in the scopes: Auto and manual white balancing a shot: Auto matching two shots: Controlling skin tones: Changing individual channels: Good colour correction workflows: Adding multiple correction to a shot / grade management: Using colour and shape masks for secondary correction: Using the RGB curve: Using the hue / saturation curve: Using colour filters for looks: Workflows for grading a compound clip and multicam clip: An introduction to HDR grading in FCPX: Setting up an HDR library: Setting up an HDR project: Grading for HDR: Understanding how Log / RAW files are treated: An Intro to ProRes RAW and new grading functionality: Exporting an XML: Tonally mapping for HDR to SDR: Investigating and adjusting colour metadata.

Duration: 34:21

What you will learn:
Synchronising clips using audio: Synchronising a multicam clip with audio and markers: Editing a utica clip: Switching and cutting to a new angle: Editing video or audio only

Duration: 47:33
What you will learn:
Customising your layout: Changing Stereo to Duel mono: Revealing your meters: Adjusting levels: Removing effects: Setting a good dynamic range: Using the edit index: Using audio lanes: Adding and managing To Do markers: Using roles to organise clips: Adding roles and sub-roles: Creating sub-mixes: Muting and soloing clips: Pasting audio attributes: Adjusting levels of multiple clips at the same time: Applying filters: Applying keyframes and using the range tool: Noise reduction, Hum Removal, Loudness: EQ’ing a sub mix and sweeping your audio: Riding levels whilst playing back: Animating audio filters: Exporting with roles.

Duration: 23:30
What you will learn:
Customising share menu: Exporting a still: Adding compressor settings into FCPX: Customising an encode setting in compressor: Accessing the HEVC codec: Creating a social media output: Duplicating project as square shape: Using smart conform: Revealing off-screen space: Panning and scanning your pictures.

Duration: 58:27
What you will learn:
Configuring Motion to match your FCPX Project: Setting up a composition: The Motion browser: Import media to set up project: An introduction to the Motion interface: How to create an adjustment layer for use in FCPX: How to use an adjustment layer in FCPX: Creating a mask and using an image mask: Adding text: Making and modifying particle animations: Publishing parameters to FCPX: Using basic motion tracking: Using groups to manage layers: Adding behaviour and simulations: Changing particles from 2d to 3d: Saving a composition: Converting to title for use in FCPX: KeyFrame animating in Motion: Using the animation curves: Using 3D objects in a 3D composite: Adding cameras and lights: Viewing multiple perspectives: Adding and reordering elements and groups: Using the content library and adding a 2d background

Duration: 31:45
What you will learn: Setting up a 360 project: Explaining equirectangular media: Optimising playback for 360 - making and using proxies: Customising your workspace: Using the 360 Viewer: Explaining Mirror VR headset function: Reorientation of shots: Stabilising 360 shots: Animating 360 shots: 360 Filters: Using 360 Patch tool: Using 360 transitions: Using 360 titles and generators: Converting your 360 film into a standard projection film: Animating 360 media in a standard projection film: Exporting 360: Exporting proxies.

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