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What We Do

Soho Editors has been providing professional recruitment services for creative and technical talent to a wide range of clients for over twenty years. We specialise in a variety of positions from production and post-production to advertising, broadcast and design.

We will work with you throughout the hiring process; in fact, we will undertake the majority of the tasks on your behalf. We consult with you as required with regular updates, and shortlist the best the industry has to offer.

We know that recruitment can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Our aim is to take the difficulty out of the hiring process for you, with a simple transparent plan.

Our 4 Step Process


We are happy to consider competitive rates pending further discussions relating to the amount of positions you would like filled, introductory rates or an exclusive deal.

A little something extra for our clients & candidates:

As a thank you for using Soho Editors services to successfully recruit, you will receive a FREE SCHEDULED SOHO EDITORS TRAINING COURSE for the successful candidate, which gives you a great chance to provide your new member of staff with the opportunity to add or enhance their skills.