Producer - ref: SET610

Producer - ref: SET610

Vacancy Description

Role: Producer

The Producer is the main point of contact for all our clients. All producers are allocated accounts and it is their responsibility to look after the clients from brief to delivery of each project.

Main Aims:

● Working closely with their Senior Producers and escalating any issues

● Managing the workflow, budgets and timing plans for all their jobs

● Using cradle, the bespoke finance and online scheduling tool for all quotes and bookings.

● Ensuring prompt and clear communication with all clients

● Working with the TV Coordinators to manage bookings and deliveries


● Client relationships – making sure that all our clients feel well looked after and responding to all their calls & enquiries promptly

● Working with editors and production coordinators to provide accurate timing plans

● Estimates based on briefing from clients and internal production meetings on projects

● That cost approvals and PO’s are received in advance of starting production

● Consult clients on best approach to their work, and providing detailed information on how we are to carry out their projects

● Job Numbers are created for all projects, and that the costs are managed and reconciled correctly before closing the jobs

● That all paperwork (quotes, timing plans, reconciliations, scripts, cost approvals, PO’s, media plans, correspondence) are stored within the job

● To ensure that the project titles are correct

● To highlight extra charges or extra sessions in advance of the expenditure

● To ensure that the editors, audio mixers and data wranglers are fully briefed and that all elements are provided in advance of the session

● To ensure that the production coordinators are aware of delivery detail as soon as briefed from client so that the appropriate preparations can be made

● Producers must attend all their edit, audio and QC sessions

● Producers must QC all their projects before being sent to client – checking that clocks, titles and audio mixes are correct

● That competitive third party quotes are sought and negotiated on behalf of all our clients

● Producers must manage all third party costs and ensure that these are being estimated for correctly, and that the client approves these in advance of the expenditure

● That all third party suppliers are briefed appropriately and PO’s provided

● Following up and ensuring that all their jobs are delivered

● Confirm with clients safe delivery or flag problems as soon as aware

Vacancy Type

Full Time



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