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Creative Editing

Inside The Edit Course (ITE)


Inside The Edit is the world’s first creative editing course that truly teaches you the craft, and includes over 80 online tutorials in amazing detail, with more added every week.

This highly specialised training program has been developed over three years by a prime time editing team working at the very highest level of television.

This Creative Editing Course goes way beyond basic editing theory. You will learn hundreds of structural, journalistic and creative techniques used in professionally editing documentary and entertainment television.

From the fundamentals to the highly advanced techniques and theories there's never been a course like it.

Don't take our word for it, this is what our customers say "Inside the Edit is the BEST training I’ve ever had"

  • Unlimited online access to all tutorials
  • Learning Tools, Creative Tasks
  • Download 35 Hours of low res media
  • New content weekly
  • Access to The Raw Footage Shop

This course is about taking a complete beginner to a standard where you are probably capable to be earning money from paid clients for editing work.

It’s aimed at those who wish to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of editing.

Everything you need to become a professional editor.

The only prerequisite is you want to learn!

The greatest way to maximise your employability as a professional editor is to master as many genres as possible. Inside The Edit members have access to The Raw Footage Shop, a growing library of pro level rushes from multiple productions. Nowhere else within the industry can provide you with this vital learning tool.

Pro Drive


Plus VAT if you live in the EU

  • 35 hours of hi-res documentary rushes on a 500GB USB 3.0 Drive
  • Universal Production Music’s U-Drive with 2000 tracks to score with
  • Script versions, director’s notes, creative tasks, disk logs & transcripts
  • Shipped directly to your door wherever you are in the world

There is so much more to Inside The Edit than we can cover here so to find out more about this amazing course visit its dedicated web site

Why Choose This Course?

This course is totally unique. I have never seen anything else that unmasks the mysteries of editing in such detail. Anyone working or considering a career in television should do this course.

Russel Trott,
Senior News Producer,
BBC World News

With the monthly subscription now only £35.99 Inside The Edit is now Way More Affordable.

Anyone can learn the Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premiere programs but only a few really master the art of editing. Finally, here is a course from someone who is respected within the industry and has mastered his craft.

Jenny Byrom,
Executive Producer Channel 4, BBC

The secrets of the cutting room are now being exposed by Inside The Edit spreading a much deeper understanding of the craft. The insights provided here are an enormous asset to our future editing stars.

Mark Everson,
Feature film & comedy Editor
Paddington, Alan Partridge, Peep Show, The Mighty Boosh

To say that the course is great is such an understatement. The course delivers on all fronts and so much more. Paddy has not only given the keys to the craft of prime time level editing, he and his team have created a top-notch curriculum, a step-by-step process for the sole purpose of training high-level editors. This course has saved me so much time. To learn anything close to what I'm learning now would have taken me years. Paddy and his team have set the gold standard for all training courses with its quality and effectiveness.

Video Journalist at Reuters, Japan