The Media Composer Professional Editing II Course

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The Media Composer Professional Editing II Course (MC210)

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This 3 day hands-on Advanced Media Composer Professional Editing II Course builds a deeper understanding of the software - covering editing, vfx, audio and mastering - to bring a new level of finesse to your jobs.

You will learn advanced techniques about automating the ingest process, colour management, surround-sound mixing and advanced compositing techniques.

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  • 21 hours hands on instructor lead training
  • Individual Apple workstation
  • Course media
  • Course attendance certificate

Course Times - 3 Days

Course Start 10:00
Morning Break 11:30 - 15 Minute Break
Lunch 13:30 - 1 Hour break
Afternoon Break 15:30 - 15 Minute Break
Course End 17:00

This course is designed for experienced Media Composer users looking to increase their skills and learn advanced features of the programme.

This course targets:
  • Producers
  • Editors
  • Assistant editors
  • Multimedia producers
  • Utilise workflows for long-form keyframing
  • Prepare for the edit
  • Use colour management techniques
  • Customise and master settings
  • Use script based editing
  • Perform advanced trimming and timeline techniques
  • Manage metadata for output
  • Work with multichannel audio, surround sound, and audio ducking
  • Use the Paint tools to fix common image problems and apply treatments
  • Use the Compositing and Tracking tools
  • Improve your story with VFX

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation
  • Completion of The Media Composer Fundamentals I Course and The Media Composer Fundamentals II Course or equivalent experience of 12 months of full-time editing on the system
  • Completion of The Media Composer Professional Editing I Course is strongly recommended
  • A background as an editor, assistant editor, director or producer is strongly recommended

There is an optional MC210 exam that can be taken at a later date, after you have become an Avid Certified User, and have passed the Media Composer Professional I exam.

To gain the title of Avid Certified Professional in Media Composer you must, first of all, be an Avid Certified User for Media Composer. Then, you sit two further courses, Media Composer Professional Editing I (MC201) and Media Composer Professional Editing II (MC210) before passing the associated certification exams for each.

Becoming an Avid Certified Professional for Media Composer allows you to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced skill set in utilizing Media Composer to create high quality professional video assets
  • Provide measurable benefits to your employer
  • Differentiate yourself from peers
  • Make your résumé stand out and leverage the power of the Avid brand with downloadable Avid Certified logos
  • Prove your credentials with a Certificate of Achievement
  • Gain recognition from your employer and peers with our online Certified Professional listing.

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  • Review of Workflows
  • Importing Media Using Dynamic Media Folders
  • Working with DPX
  • Mid Project Management
  • Understanding the Folder Structure for Managed Media
  • Syncing clips
  • Metadata Management (Data Wrangling)
  • Importing Information in an ALE
  • Managing Bins
  • Using Markers
  • Why is Colour Management Important?
  • Colour Space
  • Colour Workflow
  • Using the Source Settings
  • Using LUTs and CDLs
  • Understanding Settings
  • Types of Settings
  • Settings and Their Locations
  • Managing Settings
  • Updating Group Settings
  • Linking Settings to Workspaces
  • What is a Lined Script?
  • Using Script Integration
  • Preparing a Script for Script Integration
  • Linking Clips to Scripts
  • Adding Script Marks
  • Editing with the Script Window
  • Enriching Scripts with Metadata
  • Making the Timeline Work for You
  • Timeline Settings
  • Lassoing Options
  • Configuring the Timeline
  • Additional Timeline Features
  • Timeline Quick Find
  • Creating Timeline Views
  • Linking Views to a Workspace
  • Taking Trimming to the Next Level
  • The Trim Mode: A Quick Review
  • Keeping in Sync
  • Bi-Directional Trimming
  • Analysing Audio at Cut Point
  • Entering Trim Mode on Just One Track
  • Trimming on the Fly
  • Slipping and Sliding
  • Asynchronous Trimming
  • Red Roller Trimming
  • Dynamic Trimming
  • Split Edits
  • Using Subtitles
  • The Sub Cap Effect
  • Using the Sub Cap Effect
  • AS-11 Professional Delivery of Broadcast Material
  • Active Format Description in the Data Track
  • Audio Workflow
  • Multichannel Audio
  • Audio ducking
  • Audio Grouping
  • Multichannel Enhancements in Media Composer
  • Working with Surround Sound
  • Using the Audio Mixer for Multichannel Mixing
  • Introducing Paint
  • Object-Manipulation Tools
  • Putting the Paint Effect to Use
  • Paint Effect Modes
  • Using Scratch Removal
  • Animation
  • Compositing for VFX
  • AniMatte
  • Keying with SpectraMatte
  • Garbage Mattes
  • The Tracker
  • Working on a Comp
  • Improving the Performance with Split Screens
  • Creating a Defocus Effect to Imply Depth of Field
  • The Horror Mask
  • The Desert Comp

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The Media Composer Professional Effects and Compositing Course is an internationally recognised qualification that is based on practical, real-world post production knowledge you can put to use from day one.

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