Final Cut Pro X Certified Pro Exams

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X Certified Pro Exams (FCPXE)


All Apple Final Cut Pro X Certified Pro Exams are available without taking a course. We are usually able to accommodate you at any time during the day, email or call us on +44 (0) 207 734 1286 to find out more.

Our Final Cut Pro X: The Professional Post Production Course has an associated Apple Certified Pro Exam available, which can be booked to sit at the end of your course or at a later date when convenient.

Exams are online and multiple choice, last 1.5 hours with a pass mark of 80%. Download our free Final Cut Pro X exam preparation guide below.

  • Final Cut Pro X Certification Pro Exam
  • Apple Certified Pro Certificate (upon successfully passing the exam. 80% Passmark)
  • Refreshments
  • Individual Apple Workstation

Anyone wishing to achieve Apple Certified Pro status.

It is recommended that you have completed the Final Cut Pro X: Professional Post Production course or have the equivalent knowledge prior to taking the exam.

Download the Final Cut Pro X Certified Pro Exam Guide here.

Why Choose This Course?
  • Differentiate yourself and your business
  • Gain recognition for technical competency
  • Build credibility with clients and employers
  • Increase visibility and enhance your reputation in a competitive marketplace
  • Publicise your certifications on the Apple Certified Professionals Registry
  • Display your personalised certificate and a logo that distinguishes you as an Apple Certified professional

This registry is a voluntary public listing of Apple certificants. If you hold an Apple certification and would like to send an official verification to another party, log into the Apple Certification Records System and select Publish Credential.