Advanced InDesign Course

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Advanced InDesign Course (ID300)

This course is no longer actively scheduled, but we can arrange bespoke training if you require. See below.

Our 2 day hands-on Advanced InDesign Training Course is for users who want to know everything about what InDesign is capable of and how to get the best out of that capability. This course uses the latest version of Adobe InDesign CC, and so it also serves as a good introduction to the changes in the latest version of the software and how they can help you work smarter and faster.

Learn Adobe InDesign 2 Ways!

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  • Create and export interactive mouse-driven documents
  • Create and export animations
  • Create and export interactive web pages
  • Create interactive PDF forms
  • Create QR codes
  • Create mobile device content
  • Update InDesign to be mobile content ready.
  • Layers Panel
  • Create layered multi-lingual documents with selective output
  • Create or import cutter formes using layers
  • Moving across layers
  • Advanced layer options.
  • Manage Style Overrides
  • Base One Style on Another
  • GREP and Nested Styles
  • Import Styles
  • Redefine Styles
  • Advanced find and replace searches.
  • Page Palette and working with pages
  • Text Flow and Links
  • Multiple Master Pages
  • Numbering Pages and Sections
  • Making, Synchronising & Packaging Books
  • Creating tables of Contents
  • Indexes
  • Off-page control features.
  • Place Inline Graphics
  • Handle Text Layout
  • Create Duplicate Items
  • Create Anchored Objects.
  • File Types
  • Multiple image placement
  • Importing options
  • Create custom gatefold documents
  • Adobe Photoshop support
  • Adobe PDF layer support
  • Selectively display layers and layer comps
  • Image Frames simple
  • Compound & custom
  • Fitting images
  • Control Palette and shortcuts
  • Custom uses for Anchored Objects
  • Clipping Paths
  • Alpha channels
  • Importing InDesign and Quark XPress documents.
  • Create Bezier Paths
  • Create Compound Paths
  • Create Clipping Paths
  • Create Type Outlines.
  • Locate Assets Using Adobe Bridge
  • Merge Data
  • Import Layered Files
  • Export PDF Files
  • Export XHTML Files
  • Advanced print, export and output options
  • Animation and web page creation
  • Nesting animations in PDFs.

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Soho Editors have been at the forefront of the technological and creative advances in post-production for more than 20 years as well as being Europe’s leading professional training provider.

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The Advanced InDesign Course is an internationally recognised qualification that is based on practical, real-world post production knowledge you can put to use from day one.

We are so sure that not only will you enjoy the experience, as well as learn what you need from the course, that if you are not satisfied we will give you the same course again FREE of charge, it’s as simple as that, no argument*.

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Learn in our dedicated central London Classroom with our standard course or perhaps Bespoke Training is what you need, we can tailor any course to your requirements.