The Intermediate Illustrator Course

Illustrator CC

The Intermediate Illustrator Course (IL200)


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This intensive, hands-on two day Intermediate Illustrator training Course is designed to teach delegates how to create complex illustrations, manage colour across a range of devices, work with graphs and variables, control how illustrations appear on print and the web, and preview them on mobile devices.

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  • 14 hours hands on instructor lead training
  • Individual Apple workstation
  • Course media
  • Course attendance certificate

Course Times - 2 Days

Course Start 10:00
Morning Break 11:30 - 15 Minute Break
Lunch 13:30 - 1 Hour break
Afternoon Break 15:30 - 15 Minute Break
Course End 17:00

This course is suitable for people with some experience of Illustrator who want to improve their knowledge and abilities.

  • Creating Complex Illustrations
  • Enhancing Complex Illustrations
  • Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic
  • Creating Special Effects
  • Working with Graphs
  • Working with Variables
  • Outputting Documents
  • Exporting Graphics for the Web and Mobile Devices
  • Effects & Filters
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Working With Layers
  • Text In Illustrator
  • Symbols
  • Web work
  • Print work
  • Image Output
  • Automating Tasks.

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation
  • A comprehensive understanding of Illustrator. Preferably you will have attended The Introduction to Illustrator course or have the equivalent experience.

Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator ACA Certification

The Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator exam validates entry-level skills in graphic design and illustration corresponding to Illustrator software. Exam objectives include Setting Project Requirements, Identifying Design Elements Used When Preparing Graphics, Understanding Adobe Illustrator, Create Graphics Using Adobe Illustrator and Archive, Export, and Publish Graphics Using Adobe Illustrator. Find out more.

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  • Create a Custom Shape Using Simple Shapes
  • Create Compound Paths
  • Using the Shape Builder tool
  • Offset Paths
  • Erase Shapes.
  • Create Symbols
  • Organise Objects with Layers
  • Create a Pattern Swatch
  • Create a Mesh
  • Create Custom Brushes
  • Apply Colour Using Live Paint
  • Recolour Artwork.
  • Trace Artwork Automatically
  • Adjust the Results of Tracing
  • Create a Custom Preset
  • Convert a Traced Object to Paths
  • Improved CC tracing options.
  • Apply Effects
  • Create Masks
  • Simplify Path
  • Create Blend
  • Share Graphic Styles
  • Create 3D Effects.
  • Create a Graph
  • Format a Graph.
  • Create Variables
  • Create Data Sets.
  • Create an Artboard
  • Set Up Colour Management
  • Preview an Overprint
  • Apply Spot Colours
  • Print a Composite Proof
  • Create Colour Separations
  • Create an Adobe PDF File.
  • Work with Actions
  • Export a File as an SWF File
  • Create Slices
  • Add Interactivity to an SVG File
  • Preview an Illustration for Mobile Devices.
  • Understanding Illustrator’s Filter and Effects menu
  • Distort & Transform
  • Stylise
  • Effect Gallery.
  • Choosing a Perspective Grid preset
  • The Perspective Grid tool
  • The Perspective Selection tool
  • Setting Perspective Grid options
  • Setting plane options
  • Adjusting the perspective grid
  • Drawing new objects in perspective
  • Attaching art to a perspective plane
  • Mapping a perspective grid to a photo or drawing
  • Using the Plane Switching widget
  • Defining and editing grid presets
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to speed up drawing.
  • Creating and understanding Layers
  • Selecting and arranging Layers
  • Duplicating Layer content
  • Applying Layer Options
  • Releasing and flattening Layers
  • Animating and outputting Flash files using layers.
  • Improved CC type tool
  • Creating and threading multiple text container
  • Modifying threaded tex
  • Modifying Area Type Option
  • Type flow into a shape
  • Text on a Path Options
  • Using Text Wrap and options
  • Using Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Special characters with the Glyph Palette
  • Setting up Hyphenations and Justifications
  • Customising Tabs
  • Ensuring correct output.
  • Converting logos to symbols for reuse
  • Using the symbol spray to instance symbols around page
  • Manipulating and updating symbols.
  • Slicing to create entire web pages
  • Exporting to SWF with Flash symbol support
  • Deprecated Flash Text features.
  • Setting up for professional printing
  • Understanding transparency flattening
  • Creating Crop Marks
  • Page Tiling
  • Exporting Multiple Page PDF
  • Using the Area Crop Tool to export pre-defined areas
  • Setting up the Document Raster Effect Setting.
  • Saving, exporting and printing artboards independently or together
  • Separations Preview - identifying unexpected spot colours
  • Overprinting issues
  • CMYK blacks in text and placed files.
  • Creating and recording Actions
  • Using Custom actions for automation and Batching
  • Running a Batch
  • Loading and saving Action Sets.

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If you are reasonably familiar with Illustrator, but feel you could use it more creatively and wish to speed things up as well as take them up a level, then this course is for you.

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