Introduction to Illustrator course

Illustrator CC

Introduction to Illustrator course (IL100)


Our 2 day hands-on Introduction to Illustrator Training Course offers total beginners an introduction creating distinctive vector artwork for any project in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Used by design professionals worldwide, Adobe Illustrator CC software provides precision and power with sophisticated drawing tools, expressive natural brushes, a host of time-savers, and integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud services.

Learn Adobe Illustrator 3 Ways!

Learn Illustrator in our dedicated central London Classroom or on our Live Online Classes. Perhaps Bespoke Training is what you need, we can tailor any course to your requirements.

No matter how you choose to learn, they all cover the same lesson plan and are delivered by our amazing Certified Adobe Professional Trainers, and fully backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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  • Introduction to the Illustrator environment
  • Customise the Illustrator Workspace with presets.
  • Opening
  • Closing and saving files
  • Creating new files
  • Using Templates
  • File formats and which ones to use.
  • Creating shapes
  • The pen tool
  • Creating and amending paths
  • Splitting paths
  • Manipulating anchor points
  • Pencil, Erase
  • Smooth and Brush
  • Using the LiveTrace tool to convert Bitmaps to vectors
  • Adding and deleting anchor points.
  • Colours and fills
  • Fills and strokes on objects and pathsProcess
  • Pantone and Registration colour
  • Gradients
  • Patterns
  • Applying gradient transparency
  • Livepaint and objects
  • Live Colour.
  • Calligraphic, art, scatter & pattern brushes
  • Editing existing and creating new brushes
  • Scribble Effect; using the brush libraries.
  • Basic typography; the type tool; type on and in a path; type as outlines
  • Character and paragraph styles
  • Linking text boxes and using using circular text; text wrap around objects
  • Typographic control including kerning, indents and baseline shift
  • New Touch Type controls.
  • Send to back/Bring to front
  • Group/Ungroup and group selections
  • Working in Group Isolation Mode
  • Cut/copy/paste & paste infront/ behind
  • Working with Rulers
  • Guides and Smart Guides
  • Getting the best from Layers
  • Using multiple artboards
  • Editing the artboard size
  • Positioning elements
  • Aligning and distributing artwork
  • Using layers effectively.
  • Transformations including blending shapes and the Gradient Mesh tool
  • Pathfinder panel and compound paths
  • Using the Shape Builder tool
  • Effects, graphic styles and masks.
  • Rotate
  • Revolve
  • Bevel
  • Extrude.
  • Simple patterns and artwork patterns
  • Converting logos to symbols for reuse
  • Using the symbol spray to instance symbols around page
  • Update symbols, manipulate symbols.
  • Graphs and graph types
  • Graph styles such as pies and bars
  • Representing qualities graphically.
  • Using existing actions
  • Creating actions for automation.
  • Flexible web vector export; converting to Flash format
  • Slicing and CSS layer support to create entire web pages.
  • Overview of Adobe Bridge and what it can do.

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The Introduction to Illustrator Course is based on practical, real-world production knowledge you can put to use from day one. It gently introduces the skills necessary to be able to create a variety of illustration work and will see you using the software with confidence and style.

We are so sure that not only will you enjoy the experience, as well as learn what you need from the course, that if you are not satisfied we will give you the same course again FREE of charge, it’s as simple as that, no argument*.

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Learn in our dedicated central London Classroom with our standard course or perhaps Bespoke Training is what you need, we can tailor any course to your requirements.