The Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CC Course

Dreamweaver CC

The Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CC Course (DW100)


On completing this two day Adobe Dreamweaver CC training course, you will be confidently using Dreamweaver and as an graphics editor to create and implement visually exciting web sites. You will have gone right from conceptualising how your site should be structured through to uploading it into your web space.

  • 14 hours hands on instructor lead training
  • Individual Apple workstation
  • Course manual and course media
  • Course attendance certificate

Course times

Days 1 - 210 am - 5:30 pm (1 Hr lunch + 2 x 10 min breaks)

This 2 Day Adobe Dreamweaver CC training course is suitable for those about to use Adobe Dreamweaver for creating and managing web pages for the first time.

  • Background
  • Dreamweaver overview
  • Creating a local site
  • Text Formatting 1: characters and fonts
  • Text Formatting 2: block elements
  • Using HTML and CSS styles
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia
  • Hyperlinks and Anchors
  • Working with Tables
  • Using content from other sources
  • Frames & Layers
  • Collaboration
  • FTP and remote site management.

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation
  • No previous knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver is required.

Whilst there is no Adobe certification for this course, our trainers are industry-experienced Adobe Certified Instructors and Soho Editors is an Authorised Adobe Training Partner. Additionally, the course is based upon Adobe’s CIAB guidelines, so you will receive a certificate from Soho Editors upon completion of the course.

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  • What is HTML?
  • How the web works: sites and links
  • Screen design considerations
  • Creating efficient web pages: size and content
  • Planning a web site.
  • Dreamweaver's windows, palettes and inspectors
  • Working with the split code view
  • Preferences
  • Viewing your work in an external browser.
  • Creating a site using the site window
  • Creating an index/default page
  • Working with elements
  • Undoing changes using the history palette.
  • Character formatting
  • Text alignment
  • Font attributes and groups
  • Logical styles.
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs vs. line breaks
  • White spaces
  • Lists
  • Indenting and tags
  • Searching for and replacing elements
  • Spell checking.
  • Formatting text using HTML styles
  • Using Cascading
  • Style sheets for text formatting
  • Linking to external style sheets.
  • File formats: GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • Inserting images
  • Applying and changing attributes
  • Aligning images with text
  • Using spacer GIFs
  • Using background images
  • Linking to image editing tools
  • Creating rollover images and navigation bars.
  • Creating Flash text and buttons
  • Embedding video and audio files
  • Inserting plug-in based content.
  • Creating links on text and images
  • Linking to other pages in the site
  • Linking to content within the page
  • Linking to external sites
  • Mail-to links
  • Targeting links
  • Creating image maps.
  • Designing pages using tables
  • Table attributes: spacing, padding, width etc
  • Using table layout view to quickly design layouts
  • Fixed, percentage and autostretch tables
  • Sorting the content of a table
  • Using tabular data, Nested tables.
  • Pasting text from a text editor
  • Pasting HTML
  • Importing tabular data
  • Inserting Fireworks HTML
  • Cleaning up Word
  • HTML.
  • What are Frames?
  • Creating a custom frameset
  • Using the frames panel
  • Building a navigation system
  • Page targeting within frames
  • No-frames content.
  • Using file check in/check out
  • Synchronising files.
  • Uploading and downloading your site
  • Testing your site
  • Keeping your site versions synchronised.

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Why Choose This Course?

Maybe you’ve looked at Dreamweaver, but found it to be scary and complicated, or perhaps you have not even looked at it at all? Either way, this course is designed to ensure that even if you’ve never even so much as typed in a line of text on a web page, you will come away feeling confident about creating a website completely from scratch, publishing it and maintaining it, and understanding exactly how to go about that in the most effective way.

Soho Editors have been at the forefront of the technological and creative advances in post-production for more than 17 years as well as being Europe’s leading professional training provider.

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The best way to learn Dreamweaver - from scratch and with a gentle learning curve. If you thought web design was too hard to learn, this course will change your mind, making you confident in your ability to create, publish and manage engaging websites completely from scratch.

We are so sure that not only will you enjoy the experience, as well as learn what you need from the course, that if you are not satisfied we will give you the same course again FREE of charge, it’s as simple as that, no argument*.