The Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course

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The Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course (AE400)

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This in-depth 2 day Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course takes advanced users through some awesome skills & techniques of the modern graphics artist, not taught in any other After Effects course.

Using professional case studies, advanced users will be walked through the steps of rebuilding animation compositions using fluid shapes, stylised text, character animation, 3D, expressions and more.This advanced course will also incorporate the powerful Cinema 4D plugin, native to After Effects, giving you the full professional experience.

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London Training Centre 1st Oct 2019 £545.00
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London Training Centre 24th Feb 2020 £381.5030% Advance Booking Discount
London Training Centre 29th Apr 2020 £381.5030% Advance Booking Discount
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  • 14 hours hands on instructor lead training
  • Individual Apple workstation
  • Course media
  • Course attendance certificate

Course times

Days 1 - 2 10 am - 5:30 pm (1 Hr lunch + 2 x 10 min breaks)

This 2 day Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course is suitable for anyone who is and advanced user with After Effects and wishes to expand their skills further into animation and motion graphics. This course is not suited to new users of After Effects.

  • Storyboarding & Layout
  • Fluid Shape animation
  • Stylising motion text
  • Awesome Expressions
  • Character Animation
  • Integrating motion graphics into shots
  • Fast and Effective 3D
  • Simulations
  • Cinema 4D Inbuilt
  • Perfect Plug-ins
  • Edit & Sound

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

Whilst there is no Adobe certification for this course, our trainers are industry-experienced Adobe Certified Instructors and Soho Editors is an Authorised Adobe Training Partner. Additionally, the course is based upon Adobe’s CIAB guidelines, so you will receive a certificate from Soho Editors upon completion of the course.

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  • Recreating slick motion graphics
  • Building an animated explainer
  • Efficient work-flows from concept to completion
  • Understanding what it takes to hold viewers attention
  • Building a Storyboard
  • Creating an animatic
  • Guiding pace with voiceover
  • Setting up characters from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Morphing techniques
  • Using Repeaters
  • Animating shapes to music
  • Creating slick UI style animations
  • Animating per characters
  • Dynamic text animation
  • Using the graphs to perfect timing
  • Drawing the audience eye across text
  • Custom creating animation presets
  • Expression sliders and controllers
  • Fast and super effective Expressions
  • Simple math
  • Linking expressions
  • Animation techniques
  • Rigging characters
  • Puppet Pin set ups
  • FK & IK characters
  • Cameras, Lights & Nulls
  • Creating depth with blur and fall-off
  • Using 'Look at Camera' layers
  • Collapsing 3D PreComps
  • Organic Particle Animation
  • Cloning still and animated elements in 3D space
  • Trapcode Particular
  • Knoll Light Factory
  • Getting great results fast
  • Simple modelling Techniques
  • Lighting & Texturing
  • Animating
  • Composting back in After Effects
  • Working with music
  • Editing the finished animation
  • Colour Grading & Final Effects
  • Editing comps within comps
  • Creating authentic looks
  • Getting more out of Adjustment layers
  • PreRendering

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Why Choose This Course?

Wanting to learn the latest motion graphics capabilities of After Effects CC? Then this Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course will help take the every day animator to the next level.

Soho Editors have been at the forefront of the technological and creative advances in post-production for more than 17 years as well as being Europe’s leading professional training provider.

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Supercharge your motion graphics skills and leave no feature unexplored. The Super Advanced Motion Graphics in After Effects Course is an internationally recognised qualification that is based on practical, real-world post production knowledge you can put to use from day one.

We are so sure that not only will you enjoy the experience, as well as learn what you need from the course, that if you are not satisfied we will give you the same course again FREE of charge, it’s as simple as that, no argument*.