Why Soho Editors Training

Why Soho Editors Training

Manufacturer Certified & Media Approved

A unique understanding


As well offering dozens of manufacturer accredited courses, SOHO EDITORS have developed their own, many of which are now the industry standard.

We have extensive experience delivering company wide training programmes - through a process of individual consultation and workflow analysis, we can develop a training plan including manufacturer certified courses as well as bespoke courses to roll out across an entire organisation.

A programme will work towards an overall goal and level of staff ability and knowledge, whilst developing bespoke training schemes to match the needs of each individual within it, according to their role and what is required of them, as well as their aspirations for where they want to be.

Training consultancy ranges from simply organising editing training for any number of staff on a range of required applications, through to tech-support training, creative 'craft' training and cross-platform workflow tutorial. All training staff will be of the highest quality, with significant experience as both trainers and operators in the field.


SOHO EDITORS has been an integral part of film and television post production for over 17 years. The talent on our books creates household-name programming and features 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in countries around the globe.

We are able to work with production and post-production teams at any stage in a project, and assist in bringing this project to expert completion. We are able to do this through the vast wealth of top-class talent and experience that the Soho Editors Group has attained through many years of operation in the creative media industry.

As part of the consultancy process, Soho Editors is able to ensure that there is no loss in creative output for any organisation for which we are working.

As well as being able to advise on the right technology to improve your staffs' creative workflow, we can supply the highest calibre of professional to manage your content creation and management, team-lead creative departments, or simply 'fill the gaps' if your own creative team are in training, etc.


SOHO EDITORS offers expert systems integration services, technical specification consultancy, installation and support.

This can be delivered in conjunction with the other consultancy services we offer, or in isolation as one-off projects. We are not a reseller of any sort and a fully independent organisation, so any recommendation will be entirely impartial, and decisions will be based on what the right solution is, not what we would like to sell you! We can either source the kit for you for a 'one stop shop' solution, or you can purchase yourself from your preferred supplier and leave the rest to us.

Through our network of technical experts, we will consult on, and action, the installation of your new software, hardware and networks, in line with your workflow needs, timescale limitations, and budget.

This process will be documented and transparent from start to finish, and expert initial consultation will avoid any unpleasant budgetary surprises, where a lack of experience and foresight can lead to additional, unforeseen expenditure mid-way through the installation process.


SOHO EDITORS Group offers a full support service, including services ranging from telephone support for pro-apps, operating systems and cross-platform integration, to on-site technical support and 'refresher' training programmes.

The high levels of quality, understanding and customer service apply to Soho Editors Support contracts as it does through other divisions of the business.

Please contact us to discuss your support requirements.