ScreenSkills Step Up to Video Editor in Film Delivered by Soho Editors

ScreenSkills Step Up to Video Editor in Film Delivered by Soho Editors

Age: 18+
Number of Places: 15
Career Stages: Early, Experienced, Expert, Return to Work
Funding: Fully Funded (worth £2270!)
Closing Date: 16 Dec 2022 or When Places Fill.

This fund is to provide a foundation to a career as a VFX Editor.

This programme is supported by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery.

So you want to become a VFX Editor?
This fund is designed to teach 15 applicants the necessary fundamental skill sets to become an effective video editor, and through our hands-on courses, help them to build their confidence to work within a team, as well as autonomously.

If you are a suitable candidate, you will receive a completely FREE placement on a range of our courses, either Live Online or in our Central London Classroom, learning both a Post-Production Industry standard NLE and the all powerful Adobe After Effects.

What It Covers

Take your career by the reins, and learn the foundational technical skills of a Video Editor, and start working towards a VFX Editor role. Gain the knowledge to work confidently within a Post-production team, and become an affective communicator between an Editorial and VFX department.

Join ScreenSkills Step Up to Video Editor Programme and start the next stages towards becoming a VFX Editor with our Certified Post Production Training Modules. Learn either Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro from fundamental through to Intermediate levels, followed by a beginners Adobe After Effects Module, or for those who already use After Effects day in and day out, an Advanced After Effects Module.

Who It's For

The aim of this bursary is to support those at an early, experienced, expert career stage, or returning to work, from underrepresented groups, inside and outside of London. Therefore, you must be in one of the below positions:

  • Currently working within the UK Film Industry at an Early Career Stage
  • Currently working within the UK Film Industry at an Experienced Career Stage
  • Currently working within the UK Film Industry at an Expert Career Stage
  • Returning to work within the UK Film Industry after a significant absence

And, you must also:

  • Be currently residing within the UK
  • Right to Work Within the UK
  • Have an Establish Connection to the UK Industry,
  • Be of 18+ Years of Age
  • Be a member of an underrepresented group within the UK
  • Aim to become a VFX Editor within the UK Film Industry

You can find more information on Career Stages as defined by ScreenSkills here.
You can find more information on Diversity and Inclusion for all ScreenSkills funding here.

How to Apply

We have only 15 FREE places available in this programme, so spaces are limited. Therefore, to ensure you are eligible for the training, we have introduced the following application process:

  1. Please complete a Candidate Application and Questionnaire Form found here. (Closing Date of Applications 16 December 2022 or when all placements have been filled).
  2. Upon receiving your completed form, if you are eligible, you will then be invited to a Live Online Interview with one of our team members.
  3. We will asses your submitted application, supporting documents (if applicable) and interview
  4. If successful, you will need to create a ScreenSkills account before we can start building your training plan.

As this funding is supported by ScreenSkills, all successful applicants details will be shared with them, and you may be asked to supply further information throughout your training by them directly.

What Courses Are Included

Training Courses Between: 7 November - 20 January 2023
Both stages must be completed by the 20 January 2022

This programme is broken down into 2 stages, each stage made up of 2 Modules. You must:

Complete ONE Editing Module from Stage 1
Completed ONE VFX Module from Stage 2

The choice is yours on which module you attend from each Stage.

Stage 1 - Editing Module

Choose Between Avid Media Composer (Module 1) or Premiere Pro (Module 2).

Module 1: Avid Certified User Certification Bundle

This Module includes 2 Courses and 2 Certification Exams.
Length: 5 Days

Media Composer Fundamentals I Course

15 - 16 December
5 - 6 January
Live Online
14 - 15 November
5 - 6 January

Media Composer Fundamentals II Course

9 - 11 January
Live Online
19 - 21 December

Module 2: Premiere Pro Certified Bundle

This Module includes 2 Courses.
Length: 5 Days

Introduction to Premiere Pro Course

12 - 14 December
9 - 11 January
Live Online
7 - 9 November

Advanced Premiere Pro Course

15 - 16 November
15 - 16 December
Live Online
5 - 6 December
12 - 13 January

Stage 2 - VFX in After Effects Modules

Choose Between After Effects Beginners (Module 3) or After Effects Advanced (Module 4).

Module 3: Beginners to After Effects VFX Bundles

This Module includes 2 Courses.
Length: 3 Days

Introduction to After Effects Course

5 - 6 December
16 - 17 January
Live Online
21 - 22 November
12 - 13 December

Intermediate After Effects Course

7 December
18 January
Live Online
23 November
14 December

Module 4: Advanced After Effects VFX Bundle

This Module includes 2 Courses.
Length: 3 Days

Advanced After Effects Course

9 - 10 November
18 - 19 January
Live Online
28 - 29 November

Super Advanced VFX in After Effects Course

11 November
20 January
Live Online
30 November

If you would like to apply or have any questions, just get in touch with our training team on either +44 (0)20 7734 1286 or via email at We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Good luck!