Manufacturer Accredited Training Programs

Manufacturer Accredited Training Programs

Manufacturer Accredited

Authorised Training Partner Programs

Manufacturer Authorised Training Centre (AATC) Programs provide superior training to customers, from novice users to seasoned professionals. Soho Editors have been accredited by some of the worlds most respected media companies for many years. We are very proud to have achieved and maintained excellent standards across all areas of our operation.

In order to become a manufacturer accredited training partner, you are required to have a strong quality focus on education, as well as excellent customer service and a state-of-the-art training environment.


  • Availability of at least one dedicated training room with qualified machines and adequate media storage systems to be used by no more than one (1) student per system; each training room provides UHD HDR monitor equipment.
  • Exclusive use of instructors who have successfully completed the manufacturer Certified Instructor process.
  • Use of official courseware for all courses.
  • Adoption of an authorised online course evaluation systems and submission of reports summarising training activities and participation metrics upon request.
  • AATCs deliver official curriculum on hardware, Mac OS X, Pro applications and other key technologies. The comprehensive curriculum addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies whether you're a first-time user, an IT or creative professional, or a service technician.
  • The courses are delivered by Certified Trainers who maintain the highest quality standards.


AATCs should be easily accessible by road and public transportation, have ample parking at the venue or nearby, and must be handicapped accessible where possible. There must be clear signage and ample lighting, and the AATC must be in a permanent location that is staffed during normal business hours.
The AATC is responsible for:
  • Providing all hardware and software needed for each class
  • Providing room, network, and HD projection system setup and support
  • Installing the software and/or course materials before the first day of class.

All Certification courses must be offered in the AATC’s owned or leased training facility, or in a customer’s location.