Introduction to Editing with DaVinci Resolve Studio Pro Video Tutorials Series (DVR100T) from Soho Editors

Introduction to Editing with DaVinci Resolve Studio Pro Video Tutorials Series (DVR100T) from Soho Editors

8 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials plus 15GB Media Pack

With over 8 hours of Blackmagic Design Certified Introduction to Editing with DaVinci Resolve Studio Pro Video Tutorials and 15 GB of course media available, you will learn the essentials of editing video clips, adding audio, cutting dialogue, mulitcam editing and adding titles to efficiently communicate your ideas and abilities from wherever you are in the world, from the UK’s premier professional video editing training provider..

Blackmagic Design Certified Pro Tutorials

Our Professional Blackmagic Certified Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Blackmagic Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Blackmagic Authorised Trainers. Beginners learn to mark and edit clips, mix sound, add titles, create transitions, apply filters, and more. Topics include basic setup, customising preferences and settings, capturing video and audio, various editing and trimming techniques, Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide tools, audio editing and audio creation, finishing and final output.

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You can learn a new skill with our Blackmagic Design Certified Introduction to Editing with DaVinci Resolve Studio Pro Video Tutorial Training Series from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace!

Duration: Full Series: 8 hours 7 minutes

Course Media Pack: 15 GB
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Learn how to edit video & film with DaVinci Resolve like a Pro for Only £249.

Blackmagic Design Certified Introduction to Editing with DaVinci Resolve Studio Pro Video Tutorials (DVR100T) from Soho Editors on Vimeo.

Duration: 55:27

What you will learn: Working with bins: Setting up projects: Organising media: Creating folders: Adding keywords to multiple clips: Creating a first assemble: Understanding three point editing: Explain linked clips: Trim edit mode: More tracks!: Append to end.

Duration: 47:51
What you will learn:
Trimming to duration: Simple speed changing: Customising keyboard shortcuts: Introduction to compound clips: Audio track creation and basics: Back timing edits: Basic replace edits: Mixing the sound effects: Problems applying transitions (apart from taste!): Targeting tracks with shortcuts: Audio mixing basics: Copying and pasting effects: Applying and customising transitions: Adding fusion titles: Using a place on top edit: Setting up Dynamic Project Switching: Setting up and reloading project back ups: Introduction to auto-select tools.

Duration: 15:08
What you will learn: Using dynamic project switching: Backing up source files: Using the clone tool: Using and customising project settings and creating presets: Master settings options: Optimising media workflows: Syncing dailies automatically and manually: Modifying clip audio channels in clip attributes: Configuring metadata presets: Importing metadata: Customising metadata fields: Using ‘Analyse Clips For People’ feature: Saving searches using smart bins: Creating power bins: Optimising clips for editing: Identifying optimised media.

Duration: 37:34
What you will learn: Relinking media: Creating subclips: Navigating with numerical values: Navigating with JKL: Modifying subclips: Cutting dialogue tips and tricks: Editing with continuity: Using the ‘Ripple Overwrite’ edit: Selecting the clips after the playhead: Match frame with an offset: Creating J or L cuts: Using extend edits to roll: Dynamic trimming: Trimming on-the-fly: Marking split edits: Auditioning multiple takes with the take selector.

Duration: 22:25

What you will learn: Trimming using keyboard shortcuts: Ripple deleting techniques: Selecting a timeline clip with a shortcut: Using a place on top edit: Editing subframe audio: Creating variable speed changes: Using optical flow speed processing: Using smooth cut: Working with advanced transition tools.

Duration: 36:01
What you will learn: Starting a dailies timeline: Using tabbed and stacked timelines: Cutting on action: Paste insert and ripple cut: Slipping and sliding in dynamic trim mode: Variable speed changes: Trimming on multiple edit points: Reframing shots using the transform controls and simple stabilisation in the edit page and colour page: The ‘Compare with current timeline’ window: Exporting XML’s: Using ‘Exporting with Stills and LUTS’ and saving a grade in a still: Using the media management panel.

Duration: 45:40
What you will learn: Syncing angles: Viewing the multicam clip: Switching angles in the timeline: Radio editing a multicam clip: Adjusting a multicamera edit: Complex multicamera editing: Renaming tracks and angles in the multicam timeline: Rearranging angles in the viewer and adding angles: Cutting audio and video separately: Multicam editing live: Grading a multicam clip workflow: An introduction to using an adjustment clip to apply OFX and grades.

Duration: 41:39

What you will learn: Creating multilayered composites: Using match frame to find media used in the timeline: Aligning action with a replace edit: Editing with fit to fill to adjust the speed of a clip: Toggling auto select tracks to exclude audio or video using shortcuts: Adding audio and video tracks: Using markers to synchronise action to beat: An introduction to the edit Index in the edit page: Understanding ‘Enable preview during editing: Adjusting and working with external graphic files and their alfa channels: Cropping and scaling in the timeline viewer: Working in a compound clip: Creating compound clips: Animating a compound clip: Improving multi-layered performance: Adjusting keyframes and motion paths: Moving clips vertically using shortcuts: Playback settings and optimising media for multilayer editing: Using the dynamic zoom function: Removing attributes.

Duration: 53:24
What you will learn:
Creating graphics in Fusion: Navigating the Fusion page interface: Understanding the node editor: Adding new nodes and reorganising and managing them: Understanding a merge node and swapping inputs with shortcuts: Using the grid warp tool: Adding text to a composition: Adding effect nodes to the pipeline: An introduction to using the keyframe and spline graph: Applying effects and Keyframing parameters: Using masks to target effects: Creating rolling credits: Using tab spacing to align columns: Adding a logo to a credit roll: Tracking a scene: Using the tracker node: Replacing nodes: Keying and compositing: Creating a garbage matte: Compositing layers with colour correction: Adding a luma key: An introduction to using the delta keyer: Applying temporal colour correction to composite elements that change over time: Outputting alfa channels from Fusion and using them in the colour page.

Duration: 33:06
What you will learn: Building and mixing the soundtrack: What can be done in the Edit Page?: Setting up the Fairlight Page: Editing in the Fairlight Page: Using the sound library: Changing and adding tracks: Applying speed changes to audio: Panning tracks in acoustic space: Normalising clip levels: Working with clip equalisation: Sweetening dialogue with EQ: Controlling dynamic range: Automating track changes: Adjusting recorded automation changes: Simplifying mixing using buses: Assigning tracks to submix buses: Working with buses in the mixer: Creating additional output buses: Assigning the music and effects tracks: Monitoring loudness in your mix: Installing new free sound effect library.

Duration: 27:26
What you will learn: Delivering projects: Exporting using presets: Importing subtitle files: Adjusting subtitles: Maintaining subtitle sync: Styling subtitles: Adding additional subtitle tracks: Exporting sub-titles: Delivering programs with subtitles: Saving a preset: Exploiting rendered and optimised media during export: Editing your export queue: Roundtripping to and from FCPX: An introduction to outputting a DCP: Modifying a timeline to create a custom square 1080 x 1080 deliverable.

Duration: 23:18

What you will learn: Editing in the Cut Page: Importing media: Marling and trimming in the Cut Page: Reviewing clips: Smart insert: Close up button: Place on top edit: Using the sync bin: Fine trimming in the viewer: Slipping a clip: Dragging to reposition clips: Finishing in the Cut Page: Adding transitions: Resizing and stabilising in the Cut Page: Colour grading your Cut Page edit.

Duration: 13:15
What you will learn: Secondary correction with a tracked window: Using the face refinement OFX in the Colour Page: Animating in the Edit Page: Feeding a selection Alfa channel from the Colour Page into the Edit Page.

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