Intermediate Cinema 4D Pro Training Video Tutorial Series from Soho Editors

Intermediate Cinema 4D Pro Training Video Tutorial Series from Soho Editors

12 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials plus 438 MB Media Pack.

With over 12 hours of Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Pro Tutorials and a 541 MB accompanying Media Pack, you start from the ground up learning how to create teaches current users how to create, animate, light and render objects and scenes in Maxon's Cinema 4D.

This Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Course takes you through a series of projects to deepen your understanding of the software while exploring some of the unique tools to help you work faster and create more dynamic results.

Adobe Certified Tutorials

Our Professional Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Maxon Cinema 4D Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Maxon Authorised Trainers. This series covers Advanced Motion Graphics, Expressions, Compositing Animation or 3D Cameras & Lighting with Cinema 4D.

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You can learn a new skill with our Maxon Certified Intermediate Cinema 4D Pro Video Tutorial Training Series from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace!

Duration: Full Series: 12 hours 44 minutes

Course Media Pack: 541 MB
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Learn to create amazing CGI & motion graphics with Cinema 4D like a Pro for ONLY £195 (including VAT)

Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Intermediate Pro Tutorial Series (C4D200T) from Soho Editors.

Duration: 04:12

What you will learn: Cinema 4D Introduction and Overview.

Duration: 36:20

What you will learn: Fast polygon modelling, Selection methods, MoGraph clone distribution over an object.

Duration: 1:08:12
What you will learn: An introduction to XPresso, Working with nodes, Linking Properties, Using time to drive motion, Working with Metaballs

Duration: 51:06
What you will learn: How to work with dynamics and effectors, How to use global illumination and compositing tags, Recording Realtime motion with Cappucino.

Duration: 1:16:23

What you will learn: Organics modelling a Minion using volumes, Combining primitive objects, Smoothing results, Adding materials and merging in other elements

Duration: 1:44:15
What you will learn: Texturing with BodyPaint UV Edit, Working with Photoshop to align photographic textures, Creating natural lighting and depth of field.

Duration: 49:29
What you will learn: Different animating techniques, Squash and Stretch deformer, The different methods of creating motion blur.

Duration: 1:18:17
What you will learn: How to use Sound Effectors to drive animation, How to use Sound Deformers, Caching MoGraph animation and rendering.

Duration: 1:28:55
What you will learn:
Modelling and sculpting tools, Painting on details, Target Tags, Subsurface scattering on materials

Duration: 57:50
What you will learn: Character rigging, Creating joints, Adding IK controls, Binding polygons and building an animated walk cycle.

Duration: 37:05
What you will learn: How to scale objects, How to bring scenes directly into After Effects, Using alpha channels and adding effects.

Duration: 25:15
What you will learn: Emitting particles, Adding animation to the volume builder, Caching and subdivision surface materials.

Duration: 40:09
What you will learn: How to combine tracer, dynamics, and sweeps, Multi-pass rendering.

Duration: 14:14
What you will learn: How to simplify models, Connecting and converting objects.

Duration: 33:01
What you will learn: MoGraph: Clones along spines, Push apart effector, Caching animation, Magic Bullet looks.

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