FCPXWorld in Broadcast video tutorials at IBC2017

FCPXWorld in Broadcast video tutorials at IBC2017

Open up a world of creative possibilities

This year’s event will focus on the power and flexibility of Final Cut Pro X in broadcast.

Not only will this event answer all your questions about the new Final Cut Pro X, it will also introduce you to the wide world of Final Cut Pro X partners, experts and users experiences, all focused on complementing the creative broadcast process.

A host of industry broadcast professionals will share their experiences of working with Final Cut Pro X, with 9 exciting user case studies from across the globe covering sports, news, documentaries, feature films and much more.

We filmed the whole event so you wouldn't miss it. We hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we did making them.

As there are 19 videos we are releasing them in 4 parts and this is Part 1.

Alex Snelling - Soho Editors - UK

Alex demonstrates the comprehensive flexibility and speed Final Cut Pro X in Broadcast. He will show how you can post produce a complete project without leaving Final Cut Pro X.
Simon Hall - Blackmagic Design

Simon will demonstrate sophisticated Colour Grading techniques available in DaVinci Resolve 14 on Final Cut Pro X projects.
Roger Bolton – CoreMelt

Final Cut Pro X built in colour grading tools are somewhat lacking and the resulting workflow can be tedious. There is also no built in support for LUT files which are needed for many cross platform workflows. Roger will demonstrate how you can accelerate grading, enhance client presentations and get great results quickly using the Chromatic grading tool.
Mark Verkerk - EMS Films - Holland

Mark will explain how they organised and edited around 300 hours of raw material shot on RED Epic, Phantom Miro, Canon 1DC, Panasonic GH4, Sony A7S and GoPro in Final Cut Pro X, working in a collaborative setup on a 2K timeline.
Thomas Szabo - Frame.IO

In this session you'll learn how to start the collaboration process with your team or clients and how to bring their feedback right inside your project.