Creative Editing Course

Creative Editing Course

How Do You Build Your Timeline?

Inside The Edit was created for one reason… to transform you into a powerful creative editor. They are not interested in teaching you software, codecs or anything technical. They are only interested in teaching you the art of editing.

How do you want to make our audiences feel? How do you construct a dramatic narrative? How do you build stunning visual cutting patterns? These are the questions a creative editor asks and these are the concepts they teach you in Inside The Edit's Creative Editing Course.

What’s in each level?

Level 1 Fundamentals

In this first level we look at all the preliminary skills in crafting a coherent rough cut. From breaking down the footage to structuring the narrative to painting the B Roll, Level 1 lays the foundations of the editing artist’s mindset.

  • 1: Introduction & Fundamentals
  • 2: Setting Up & Organising
  • 3: Breaking Down Your Footage
  • 4: Laying Down Your Sync
  • 5: Painting Pictures: Concepts

Level 2 - Intermediate

Through hundreds of high-end creative concepts, techniques and stylisation principles, Level 2 takes you on a creative journey that turns your rough cuts into beautiful works of polished art.

  • 6: Perfecting The Pictures
  • 7: Pace & Timing
  • 8: Cutting Actuality
  • 9: Intercutting
  • 10: Creating Professional Sync

Level 3 - Advanced

Mastering the skills in Level 3 takes you into the highest ends of editing. Scoring and visual flare are the skills that the most respected editors use every day to cut the biggest television shows and films in the world.

  • 11: Hiding Everyday Problems
  • 12: Scoring Concepts
  • 13: Basic Scoring Techniques Coming Soon
  • 14: Advanced Scoring Techniques Coming Soon
  • 15: Stylisation & Montage Coming Soon

Become a Powerful Creative Editor

This highly specialised training program has been developed by a prime time editing team working at the very highest level of television & video.

The Creative Editing Course goes way beyond basic editing theory. You will learn hundreds of structural, journalistic and creative techniques used in documentary and entertainment television. From the fundamentals of video editing to the highly advanced.

No other course provides you with professional level theory, raw footage to practice on and a guided tour through the creative editing process.

Join the online, self guided training course today, and use Voucher code SOHO to automatically receive a 25% discount off of your first month/year at