Blackmagic Design Certified DaVinci Resolve Grading for Video Editors Pro Tutorial Series (DVR150T) from Soho Editors

Blackmagic Design Certified DaVinci Resolve Grading for Video Editors Pro Tutorial Series (DVR150T) from Soho Editors

4 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials plus 5.8 GB Media Pack

With over 4 hours of Blackmagic Design Certified DaVinci Resolve Grading for Video Editors Pro Video Tutorials and 5.8 GB of course media available, our Pro Tutorials are designed to give video editors the knowledge to colour grade in DaVinci Resolve Studio rather than train them how to be a colourist, and you can learn from anywhere.

Blackmagic Design Certified Pro Tutorials

Our Professional Blackmagic Certified Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Blackmagic Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Blackmagic Authorised Trainers.

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You can learn a new skill with our Blackmagic Design Certified DaVinci Resolve Grading for Video Editors Pro Video Tutorial Training Series from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace!

Duration: Full Series: 4 hours 40 minutes

Course Media Pack: 5.8 GB
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Learn how to colour grade video and film with DaVinci Resolve like a Pro for ONLY £150.

Blackmagic Design Certified DaVinci Resolve Studio Grading for Video Editors Pro Tutorials (DVR150) from Soho Editors on Vimeo.

Duration: 54:10

What you will learn: A introduction to the Resolve interface: A comprehensive introduction to the Colour Page interface: Using the mini-timeline: An introduction to the Colour Wheels: Using the right grading workflows and techniques: Balancing your Shots: Normalising with the Primary Wheels pallet: Understanding the difference between The Log Wheels and the Primary Wheels: An introduction to customising and using the Video Scopes: An introduction to RGB colour theory!: An introduction to using DaVinci Resolve default YRGB Colour science: Resetting your grades.

Duration: 25:37
What you will learn:
Using the Colour Bars pallet: Normalising with the Custom Curves: Understanding Grading a shot with the LOG Wheels: Matching Shots with Curves and bars: Using Flags to organise your clips: Using Auto Shot Matching: Matching Shots Using Stills: Using Split Screens.

Duration: 52:43
What you will learn: Correcting and Enhancing Isolated Areas: Mimicking a Shallow Depth of Field: Sharpening Key Elements and using the Window tracker: Fixing overcast skies with keying and masking techniques: Warping Colours to a Target: Enhance skin tones with the Face Refinement tool: Adjusting skin tone manually with isolation window techniques: Using the colour curves to do secondary correction.

Duration: 1:14:22
What you will learn: Conforming into Resolve using XML files: Dealing with off-line media issues: Syncing and matching to an Offline Reference clip: Switching between offline/online timelines: Intro to DaVinci YRGB Color management: Setting up Input Colour space: Mastering the Node Pipeline: Contrast and Luminance impact in nodes: Colour dominance in nodes: Using Parallel Mixer nodes: Visualising and understanding the difference between mixer nodes: Compositing Effects with the Layer Mixer Node: Compositing multiple tracks: Using an external mattes in secondary correction: Using a ‘Match Move’ effect to replace a sky: Some advanced tracking techniques in the colour page.

Duration: 22:25

What you will learn: Trimming using keyboard shortcuts: Ripple deleting techniques: Selecting a timeline clip with a shortcut: Using a place on top edit: Editing subframe audio: Creating variable speed changes: Using optical flow speed processing: Using smooth cut: Working with advanced transition tools.

Duration: 14:26
What you will learn: Understanding the Delivery Page: Creating rendered outputs based on preset and saving them: Creating rendered outputs from custom settings: Configuring your timeline resolution: Choosing the right Rendering quality: Naming and outputting files.

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