Avid Certified Media Composer Fundamentals I Pro Video Tutorials (MC101)

Avid Certified Media Composer Fundamentals I Pro Video Tutorials (MC101)

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Learn how to edit video and film with our Avid Certified Media Composer Fundamentals I Pro Video Tutorials from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace! It’s perfect for total novices new to Avid Media Composer.
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Our Professional Avid Certified Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Avid Authorised Trainers.

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7 Hours of Avid Pro Video Tutorials

Over 7 hours of Avid Certified Tutorials you will learn the essentials of editing video clips, adding audio and titles to efficiently communicate your ideas and abilities from wherever you are in the world, from the UK’s premier professional video editing training provider.
Duration: 6 hours 57 minutes

Learn to edit video & film with Media Composer like a Pro for Only £232.

Avid Certified Media Composer Fundamentals I Pro Video Tutorials (MC101) from Soho Editors on Vimeo.

Duration: 1:06:47
Learn about
Introduction to the User Interface - Workspaces - Working with Bins - Text, Frame and Script Views - Creating and customising a User Profile - Setting Up a Project - Using the Source Browser - Linking and Importing media

Duration: 53:44
Learn about Keyboard Mapping - Creating a Sequence - Basic Editing – Overwrite and Splice-In, Lift and Extract - Drag-and Drop Editing - Basic Trimming - Adding Cutaways

Duration: 44:56
Learn about Editing in the Timeline - Linking and unlinking clips - Editing Dialogue with Add Edit - Using the Segment tools - Basic audio level adjustments - Audio Dissolves

Duration: 29:37
Learn about Sync Locking tracks - Using Ripple Trim - Using Double-Sided/Roll Trim - Adding Video Transitions

Duration: 1:32:57
Learn about
Using Markers - Introduction to Effects Mode - Applying and customising Video Effects - Basic Keyframing - Stabilising Video - Basic Colour Correction

Duration: 35:35
Learn about Creating Slomos and Freeze Frames - Nesting Effects

Duration: 26:17
Learn about Using the Avid Titler+

Duration: 1:07:35
Learn about Exporting the Sequence - Creating an H264 export - Media Management - Relinking Media - Using the Media Tool - Deleting Media

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