An Introduction to Cinema 4D Pro Training Video Tutorial Series from Soho Editors

An Introduction to Cinema 4D Pro Training Video Tutorial Series from Soho Editors

12 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials plus 438 MB Media Pack.

With over 12 hours of Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Pro Tutorials and a 438 MB accompanying Media Pack, you start from the ground up learning how to create amazing models, texture, animate, light and render 3D scenes in the fastest and most intuitive 3D application available today, from the UK’s premier professional post production training provider.

Adobe Certified Tutorials

Our Professional Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Maxon Cinema 4D Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Maxon Authorised Trainers. This series covers Advanced Motion Graphics, Expressions, Compositing Animation or 3D Cameras & Lighting with Cinema 4D.

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You can learn a new skill with our Maxon Certified Introduction to Cinema 4D Pro Video Tutorial Training Series from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace!

Duration: Full Series: 12 hours 23 minutes

Course Media Pack: 438 MB
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Learn to create amazing CGI & motion graphics with Cinema 4D like a Pro for ONLY £245 (Including VAT)

Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Introduction Pro Video Tutorials (C4D100T) from Soho Editors.

Duration: 1:07:45

What you will learn: Introduction to the User Interface: Project Set Up: Understanding the Cinema 4D Interface: Navigating around the 3D World: Essential Tools and Menus: Creating Primitive Objects: Using simple Deformers: Creating keyframes:Enabling Auto-Saves.

Duration: 57:39
What you will learn:
Creating with Splines: Editing points: Using Generators: Creating Sweeps: Creating Extrusions: Creating Lofts: Creating Lathe: Adding basic materials: Types of Light: Types of Shadow.

Duration: 56:16
What you will learn: Modelling some headphones: Combining primitive objects: Working with Generators and Splines: Grouping objects into a Null: Making a Symmetry: Increasing segments for object smoothing: Customising materials: Making Instances to clone objects: Working with an Omni light: Making light rays visible: Creating ambient light: Rendering to the Picture view.

Duration: 26:02
What you will learn: Understanding models and hierarchies: Making a scene with different models: Adding an image as a material: Rendering the view: Creating Camera’s: Animating the camera: Simple render settings: Saving a Render.

Duration: 59:01

What you will learn: Modelling a camera: Combining Primitive objects: Duplicating and modifying: Creating Instances: Moving the Axis: Creating textures: Adding reflection: Rendering overview: Aligning the camera to a spline: Animating a 360 rotation.

Duration: 1:16:19
What you will learn: Ball bounce animation: Using different views: Keyframing individual co-ordinates: Copy & Pasting animation: Working with the animation F-Curve: Adding photographic textures: Lighting a scene: Light and shadow settings: Rendering animation: Opening animation renders in After Effects: Extruding Paths: Extruding, lighting and rendering 3D Text: Opening a render in Photoshop.

Duration: 30:39
What you will learn: Extruding Paths: Working with Adobe Illustrator files: Lighting and rendering 3D Text: Opening a still render in Photoshop.

Duration: 1:06:55
What you will learn: Making Objects editable: Modelling with points, edges and polygons: Creating a moulded toy plane: Extruding polygons: Smoothing with a Subdivision surface: Modelling a Rubik’s cube: Saving selections: Adding multiple materials to a single object: Working with Area lights: Using Sky images to light a scene: Introduction to Global Illumination.

Duration: 1:19:42
What you will learn:
Building a speaker using all techniques so far: Working in the ‘Model’ mode: Using ‘Boole's’ to subtract one object from another: Aligning objects positions: Smoothing edges using a Bevel deformer: Array's and Clones: Adding more detailed materials: Changing materials scaling and Tiling: Lighting with a Sky Object.

Duration: 21:28
What you will learn: Using Splines to create artwork: Understanding Tags: Aligning an object to a spline path: Rendering with Motion Blur: Exporting with an Alpha channel: Importing into After Effects.

Duration: 1:22:21
What you will learn: MoGraph Animation: Understanding types of Cloners: Working with Effectors: Using Falloff’s and Fields: Animating the Plane Effector: Smoothing and bouncing animation with the Delay Effector: Randomising with the Random Effector: Animating MoText with MoGraph: Adding multiple materials to MoText: Creating Gradient textures: Sending scenes direct to After Effects: Baking MoGraph animation: Using Cineware in After Effects.

Duration: 19:43
What you will learn: Deeper understanding of materials: Different material Channels: Self-Illuminating materials: Noise shaders: Bump maps: Applying Alpha channels to materials: Displacement maps.

Duration: 1:14:54
What you will learn: Creating a simple character: Building based on a design: Combining modelling techniques: Editing Primitive objects: Deleting polygons: Closing Polygon holes: Symmetry Objects: Boole Objects: Adding the group to a MoGraph Cloner: Working with the Push Apart Effector: Using a HDRI to light a scene: Effectively working with Global Illumination: Getting more realistic rendering results: Global Illumination for more creative results: Animating textures: Using the Physical Renderer: Creating depth of Field.

Duration: 24:58
What you will learn: Creating a motion graphic: Animating Deformers: Applying MoGraph clones to an Object: Speeding up the workflow: Adding lighting effects: Animating the camera: Combining MoGraph and Deformers: Introduction to Dynamic Simulations.

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