An Advanced After Effects 2021 Pro Tutorial Training Series (AE300T) from Soho Editors

An Advanced After Effects 2021 Pro Tutorial Training Series (AE300T) from Soho Editors

10 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials

With over 10 hours of this Adobe Certified After Effects Advanced training course teaches, in great detail, real life tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your working knowledge of the software and ability to create amazingly sophisticated motion graphics and VFX, including extensive Expressions and Advanced 3D.

Adobe Certified Tutorials

Our Professional Adobe Certified Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Adobe Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Adobe Authorised Trainers. This series covers Advanced Motion Graphics, Expressions, Compositing Animation or 3D Cameras & Lighting with After Effects for experienced artists wanting to take it to the next level!

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Learn at your own pace with unlimited access forever to your tutorials. Stream anytime, anywhere. Why delay, get started now!

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You can learn a new skill with our Adobe Certified Intermediate to After Effects 2020 Pro Video Tutorial Training Series from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace!

Duration: Full Series: 10 hours 10 minutes

Course Media Pack: 266 MB
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Learn to create amazing motion graphics and VFX with After Effects like a Pro for ONLY £199.

Advanced Adobe After Effects 2021 Pro Tutorial Series (AE300T) From Soho Editors from Soho Editors

Duration: 25:04
What you will learn: Preferred preferences: Useful pre-sets: Creating a fast reusable project template

Duration: 1:14:36

What you will learn: Smart Expression linking Expression sliders: Compositing: Simulating shadows and reflections: Creating depth of field

Duration: 51:12
What you will learn: Adding simple math to expressions: Converting vectors to shapes: Extruding depth in 3D: Lighting set-ups and advanced material options

Duration: 33:06
What you will learn: Creating true 3D text: Working with environment layers: Reflections: Animating Ranges and camera’s

Duration: 1:18:27

What you will learn:

Advanced keying: Garbage mattesL: Holdout mattes and compositing effects: 2 point tracking: Robobrush tweaking: Stroke and scribble effects: Camera tracking and shadow catchers

Duration: 43:46
What you will learn: Animating PSD’s: Puppet pin techniques: Creating 3D depth: Texturing and animating 3D spheres into a shot.

Duration: 39:03
What you will learn: Harnessing "Master Properties" for working with multiple PreComps: Motion graphics Premiere Pro Templates.

Duration: 1:05:26
What you will learn: Planar tracking in Mocha AE: Exporting masks and track data: Compositing results: Dynamic link techniques.

Duration: 47:16
What you will learn: Particles systems: working with motion sketch: Linking other effects to the motion, stroke, right-on and roughen edges

Duration: 32:43
What you will learn: Particles World: Adding Floor: bouncing: reflecting: compositing and loading your own textures and particles.

Duration: 35:56
What you will learn: Using audio to drive animation: Smoothing keyframes: Linking values and tweaking with expressions.

Duration: 56:31
What you will learn: Cinema 4D Lite, a quick overview and introduction: Making simple graphics: Round tripping back to After Effects

Duration: 26:26
What you will learn: Design text motion: Saving animation styles: Creating user templates: Customising export settings

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