Adobe Certified Premiere Pro Creative Editing Video Tutorials

Adobe Certified Premiere Pro Creative Editing Video Tutorials

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You can learn a new skill with our Adobe Certified Premiere Pro Online Pro Video Tutorials from the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace! They perfect for total beginners new to video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and experienced Video Editors wanting to lean a new system. Availability: Worldwide

Adobe Certified Tutorials

Our Professional Adobe Certified Pro Video Tutorials cover the same lessons as our Certified Classroom Course and Live Online Class, recorded by our passionate Adobe Authorised Trainers.

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19 Hours of Pro Video Tutorials

With over 19 hours available of Premiere Pro Adobe Certified Pro Tutorials, you will learn the essentials of editing clips, adding audio, titles grading and effects, to efficiently communicate your ideas and abilities from wherever you are in the world, with the UK’s premier professional video editing training provider.
Total Duration: 19 hours 8 minutes

Take a look for yourself with this short example from the our Introduction to Premiere Pro Tutorial Series (Episode 2 of 12), each available for just £13, or the complete series for Only £139.

Adobe Certified Beginners Introduction to Premiere Pro Video Tutorials (PP101) from Soho Editors on Vimeo.

Duration: 1:46:27
Learn about
Introduction to the User Interface - Setting up a Project - Importing Media - Basic Editing - Adding Music.

Duration: 1:34:30
Learn about Setting up a project: Working with sync clips - Viewing Waveforms - Adding Markers - Working with Metadata - Adding Log Notes - Ripple Trimming - Creating Split Edits – J and L cuts - Using Audio Crossfades

Duration: 40:51
Learn about
Working with Text: Using the Essential Graphics panel - Adding basic captions - Adding Lower Thirds - Text and Action Safe zones

Duration: 28:31
Learn about Working with Audio: Working with the Essential Sound panel - Fixing Audio problems – noise reduction, EQ, etc - Audio Keyframing - Audio Ducking

Duration: 1:25:35
Learn about
Creating Effects: Using Morph Cut - Rendering Effects - Importing Graphics - Using Video Motion to position and keyframe moves - Using the Warp Stabiliser - Blurring objects - Masking and Tracking blurs

Duration: 1:16:31
Learn about Editing Techniques: Importing Projects and Sequences - Relinking Media - Editing a Promo - Editing Cutaways - Using Slip and Slide tools

Duration: 37:19
Learn about
Advanced Editing Techniques: Using the Find dialogue - Changing clip speed - Time Interpolation – Frame Blending and Optical Flow - Frame Hold and Freeze Frames - Time Remapping and speed ramping

Duration: 54:46
Learn about Adding Video Effects: Adding Effects to Video Clips - Split Screens - Using Motion Graphics Templates - Setting up Ingest in the Project - Using the Media Browser to view Camera Card media

Duration: 48:08
Learn about Working with Complimentary Applications: Using the Project Manager - Consolidating and Transcoding Media - Working with Photoshop - Working with After Effects

Duration: 1:05:22
Learn about
Colour Correction and Grading: Using Lumetri Colour for Colour Grading

Using Scopes - Basic Level adjustments - Adjusting Colour Balance with Curves and Colour Wheels - Comparing shots and Matching - Secondary Correction - Applying looks - Using Adjustment Layers

Duration: 25:27
Learn about Exporting: Exporting Freeze Frames - Exporting XML to DVR - Exporting OMF, AAF for Audio Dubbing

Duration: 34:06
Learn about Exporting Frames, Clips and Sequences: Exporting Video - Setting Export Options - Adding Metadata - Using the Export Queue

If you would like to take this course in our Central London Classroom or Live Online, find our more.