Anthony Willis

Anthony Willis Editor (Offline / Online).

Anthony loves telling stories. During his career in post-production he has edited programmes and films within multiple established mediums; documentary, narrative drama, television commercials, music videos, educational films, news & magazine TV shows etc.

His talents and knowledge as an editor and film maker have grown stronger in the course of his career, but it is his personality and communication skills that give him such confidence.

Anthony pursues suitably stylised and efficient story telling, whatever the idiom. He is also experienced and confident in leading post-production teams through large and daunting schedules and has extensive knowledge of film / television production processes and technical legalities.

Directed by Paris Leonti. Action thriller about a group of mercenaries sent on an extremely risky mission to retrieve a US Ambassador from the clutches of a brutal war-lord during a bloody coup in the Balkans. The second movie from award winning director Paris Leonti, known for Daylight Robbery - 2008, ABC Films. Avid Off-line editor, 90 minutes

Ep 2 & 4 – Discovery Channel. Diver and Zoologist Monty Halls teams up with daredevil mountaineer Leo Houlding to travel to the most inaccessible locations in the world. Together they uncover fantastic wildlife and explore environments where few, if any have ever stood.

Episode 2 follows the team in Guyana where they come face-to-face with Caiman, Anacondas and Tarantulas whilst climbing enormous trees in the mysterious upper canopy of the rainforest.

Episode 4 of the series sees the team delve into the Mulu Cave System in Borneo – the largest cave network, by volume in the world. They struggle through awe-inspiring, guano filmed caverns in search of a sink hole called The Secret Garden; a place only accessible via the caverns which is so remote, that more people have stood on the moon than visited it. - Shot in 3D. 2 x 45’ Electric Sky Productions

Pilot films - BBC. The world's largest company (in terms of revenue) has 87,000 employees and operates in every continent on the planet. Whilst engineers are working at the bottom of the sea, others are clearing mines in Iraq, operating small airports in South East Asia, building the biggest floating vessel ever, or just filling up the petrol on a forecourt in Swindon.

This series is still in development.

Darlow Smithson Productions

U - Boat Pens. A documentary series telling the incredible stories behind the magnificent and mysterious architectural structures built by the Nazis in World War 2 - National Geographic

Channel 5 - Marking the three-year anniversary of the small Icelandic volcano that erupted in April 2010 and rendered much of the Northern hemisphere helpless as a no-fly zone. Darlow Smithson Productions - Avid Off-line, 1 x 52 minute

Series 2 – Animal Planet, Discovery US. Unearthing the real-life horror stories of ordinary people plagued by extraordinary infestations inside their homes. Each story is enhanced by macro-lens photography and stunning CGI recreations. Darlow Smithson Productions - Avid Off-line, several x 43.5 minute shows

History Channel US - An epic 12 part documentary series discussing the history of human culture on Earth. Narrated by Stephen Fry. Nutopia - Avid Off-line, 1 x 42 minutes

Series 2 - BBC - Documentary series that highlights the work of environment officers across the UK, as they tackle astonishing and flagrant cases of fly-tipping - Leopard Films, Avid Off-line

Episode 10, Papua New Guinea. Six intrepid athletes travel the world to compete against the most remote tribes on earth at their own sports. Whoever outperforms the rest in the most challenges is declared the winner, the Last Man Standing - BBC, Avid Off-line, 1 x 57 minutes

Discovery Channel reversioning - Last Man Standing was called Last One Standing in the United States for series one, series two’s name is still to be confirmed. The films are extensively re-scripted and re-edited for the US market - BBC & Discovery Channel, Avid Off-line, 3 x 43.5 minutes

“Sharks may have a bad reputation, but you actually have a very slim chance of being attacked by one...” escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, former lawyer turned Survivor winner and adrenaline junkie Yul Kwon, marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan and scientist Dr. Marty Jopson travel to the Bahamas to test shark attraction - BBC & Discovery Channel, Avid Off-line, 1 x 43 minutes

Can four men, who used to be in the World’s most famous boy band really go back on our again after a decade away from the stage? Will they look ridiculous, will they spoil a genuine pop legacy, or will they triumph? Metropolis – Polydor Records, Avid Off-line, 1 x 30 minutes

A documentary humorously and affectionately telling the story of how three sisters and their brother became a household name. Whether you love them or loathe them The Corrs became a World-wide phenomenon - Warner Brothers, FCP Off-line, 1 x 104 minute - for DVD - & 1 x 57 minute - for broadcast

Smithsonian Network - Online Editor, Avid - HD

Smithsonian Network - Online Editor, Avid - HD

The World’s First Time Machine - Online & GFX

In November 2006 Paul McCartney’s Ecce Cor Meum – “Behold My Heart”, a powerful orchestral and choral work was performed at The Royal Albert Hall. The performance was elegantly filmed in Full HD in a 24 camera shoot and edited over 6 weeks - MPL / EMI Classics, Avid Off-line, 67 minutes

Shot in December 2004 on super-16 and super-8 film. Stylorouge for Warner Brothers, FCP Off-line, 104 minutes

A typical live multi camera shoot from the Bercy in Paris, 2004. Anthony was a joint editor on this film with Guy Harding - Warner Bros. Avid off-line, 133 minutes

An HD film about the making of Paul McCartney’s extraordinary studio album Ecce Cor Meum. Filmed in many locations including Abbey Road studios, Magdalene College and the Tower of London - Online Editor & GFX, Avid and Adobe AE

Offline & Online

One of several editors

EPK, offline, online & GRFX

EPK, Offline & Online

EPK, Offline & Online

EPK, Offline & Online

A music video for musician Shama Rahman and her Anglo-Bengali fusion of pop and folk.

A music video for Norwegian band Radio 9.

EPK - A seven minute, documentary style film about the debut album from the band Colour of Sound. Features live studio performances, interviews, some live public performance and incidental photography.

2 x studio music videos - Single camera, multi-take live music performance from Beethoven Street Studios in December 2010.

3 x studio music videos – for Island Records & iTunes Presents. Two camera, multi-take recording session from Studio 13 in October 2010. Lauren Pritchard performed three covers with her reduced acoustic band.

RCA - Introduction to the album Science and Faith by the band. Shot at RAK Studios in September 2010 with multiple cameras.

Island Records & iTunes Presents - Single camera, multi-take recording session from Kore Studios in August 2010. Lauren this time performed two of her own songs from her Album Wasted in Jackson. The tracks recorded were Painkillers and Wasted in Jackson.

grade, mix & master

French TV - Offline

Work Agency, Offline

Offline & Online

Travel firm. Sound Design

Travel firm. Sound Design

Travel firm. Sound Design

Profile, Offline & Online

Offline & Online

Company profile ad, Offline & Online

Pasta sauce. Keying and compositing

Many - Offline & Online

Many - Offline

Many - Offline

Several - Offline

Various - Offline & Online

2006 new programs - Offline

Launch Promo – Editing, design and animation

Book promos - Three separate 3 minute promotional films for the crime fiction trilogy ‘London Calling’

Offline editing x 2 episodes - This series of short films for Shell won 1st Prize in the Best Web Documentary category at the International Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

A film about the first floating liquid natural gas refinery, currently under construction in South Korea.

Editing, design and motion graphics

Motion graphics & design

New and Current Acts 2010 – editing & graphics

Intros, split screen & FX – Adobe CS

Offline & Online

The Proudfoot Company - Editing

The Persuaders - Signet Film

AGM Launch Animation, Animation

Offline & Design

Transport Systems film, Online

Non profit, Offline

Teacher training videos, Offline

Support staff, Senior Editor

EU Film, Offline & Online

Loaded Productions – Public sector promo. A promotional film for UCL

Anthony designed all the graphics, including leader-boards and replays for this extreme sport series as well as a traditional online role for this one episode. UKTV - Dave, Online Editor, FCP HD

5th Aniversary Film for the Goodwood Festival of Speed – Lead designer and animator

Hymn for My Soul, Live visual designer

2005, 2007 & 2008 Launch, Designer and editor

I’m Not Dead European tour, live visual designer

2006 Tour, Live visual designer

Taster video, offline & online

Directed by Barry Leonti

Short film. Tom is trying to complete a crossword whilst absent mindedly watching TV. Very strange things seem to be happening... A 20 minute film dramatisation of a short story by J G Ballard.

In game & cut scene movies, Offline/ Online & GFX

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