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Nothing if we are unable to find you suitable work. We do not operate a fixed fee service. Customer budgets can vary immensely, however we will always work hard to achieve the best terms available.

You are under no obligation to take a booking and we will always get your acceptance of the rate for the contract, including any overtime or flexible working conditions.

We aim to match both yours and our customers expectations regarding rates, working conditions, length of contract and benefits.

Using us:

  1. Allows you to separate often uncomfortable financial discussions from creative ones.
  2. Allows you to be a tough negotiator, but at the same time see the bigger picture.
  3. Provides you, the individual freelancer, with the support of a large, specialist organisation, covering areas like credit control, marketing, training and contract negotiations.
  4. Gives you the inside track on upcoming opportunities.
  5. Gives you access to regular events from open days showcasing new technologies and developments.
  6. Gives you access to a vast range of clients in the UK and abroad.
  7. Helps build your profile|career.
  8. Enables you to plan your life more effectively.
  9. Legal support when required.
  10. Exclusive offers from our partners

We operate a state of the art scheduling software, Farmers Wife. We have designed our service around your needs, making it as easy as possible to keep us both informed and up to date. No more phone calls, emails of text interruptions while your working.

As a Soho Editor you will receive the following services;

  1. A full online profile on showcasing your experience & showreels
  2. Your own online Calendar where you can;
    • Keep us update date on your availability
    • Check your pencils and bookings
  3. Online timesheet - A simple way to close down your bookings
  4. Mobile App - This innovative app will notify you of new opportunities, pencils and booking confirmations, all with with a single click.
  5. Talent agents. Our friendly and professional talent agents are there to help you. We organise regular social events so we can get to know each other better.
  6. Career development. Our experienced talent agents will work with you to develop your career.
  7. Training loans. You can apply for an interest free loan between £300 to £250,000 to fund your training.
  8. All this is backed by ongoing marketing and direct sales, these include representation at all the industries worldwide exhibitions and events e.g. NAB, IBC, Video forum, AES, BVE and many more. Soho Editors also organise events throughout the year for freelancers giving you opportunities to see new systems and software upgrades in conjunction with manufacturers and partners.
  9. Expert marketing.
    1. Contacts. We are the most well known and respected agency with 1000's of industry contacts.
    2. Press & Online. We regularly publish articles and advertisements in printed and online press, blogs, forums.
    3. Sponsorship. We are regular sponsors of competitions, events and awards.

No, you are free to work directly with any of your own clients at any time:

Our Standard Contract: This is a signed once, rolling contract, and includes provision for:

  • Current legislation relating to freelance engagements
  • Ongoing account management
  • Customer contract negotiations
  • Full credit control services
  • Legal support where required
  • Soho Editors Training courses at 50% off the course fee, a perfect and affordable way to stay current and add new skills

All we ask is that you aren't working with another agency, this is to avoid confusion with clients and any conflict of interest.

Because of the often unpredictable nature of the freelance market, we do not guarantee the level of work for our talent. Though, since we are only successful if you are, it is in our interest to keep you as busy as possible.

Sorry, yes you do, we can only work with you if you operate as a Limited Company. We are happy to help you get set up and running as a Limited Company, simply ask for details.