Tomasz K.

Tomasz K. Editor (offline).

Tomasz, a seasoned editor with over two decades of broadcast experience, received training from a prestigious film school and has consistently contributed to prime time TV productions. Since 2008, he has freelanced internationally, showcasing his skills on TV and film projects in the UK, Poland, Belgium, and East Africa. Proficient in offline and online editing using Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro, Tomasz excels in color grading with DaVinci Resolve. Currently pursuing a postgraduate MA in Editing at the National Film and Television School (NFTS), he brings leadership experience as a senior editor, guiding teams to exceed expectations.

Tomasz is known for injecting fresh energy into projects, whether working independently or collaboratively, even under intense time pressure.

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Series 1 Netflix US Prime time entertainment show. Studio Lambert(Finishing Editor)

Sky Arts for Something Else Productions.(Editor)

Netflix US Studio Lambert for CH4 2021

Prime time entertainment show. ITV (Editor)

Prime time entertainment show. Studio Lambert (Editor)

Prime time reality show. STV (Editor/Stitch Editor)

Prime time live rescue show. CH4 (Editor)

British reality television music competition to find new singing talent, contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. Boot-camp, Offline Editor. Avid

Popular comedy clip show-Crackit Productions (Editor/Stitch Editor)

History quiz show. Modern TV (Editor).

Editor - Reality TV show under license from one of the most popular shows in UK, made for the biggest commercial TV station in Poland. - TVN

Senior Editor - Most popular entertainment show in Poland, made under license from X Factor UK - Freemantle / TVN

Fremantle Poland / TVN (Discovery Channel Poland)

Awarded with the title of BestTV Show for 2010. Every episode attracts between 5-7 million audience, which is the highest score for a TV show in Poland. (Editor)

Editor - Game show under license from one of the most popular shows in the US. - TV PULS

Senior Editor - Reality show based on the “Serious mom” series. - MASTIFF POLAND / TVP2

BBC / Paramount (Assembly Editor(EP1,3,4) /1st Assistant Editor)

Limited Series Eps 1-6 - AMAZON PRIME (Assembly Editor /1st Assistant Editor)

Longest running drama series in Poland, still attracting around 4 million audience per episode. (Editor)

Editor - Crime series under license from "Lenßen und Partner" - Constantine

Assistant Editor / Second Editor - Highest grossing movie in Poland in the last decade. Shot on 35mm film. - MTLMAXFILM

Feature film produced by PWSFTVIT awarded with a Press Award on The Amateur and Independent Movies Festival KAN. (Editor)

Short Film(Editor)

Short Film/Thriller(Editor)

Short Film(Editor)

Short Film(Editor)

Animated Short Film(in production) (Editor)

Editor - Movie made with local actors in Uganda, commissioned for Handicap International. The film is currently used nationally to warn communities of the danger of land mines. - GREAT LAKES FILM PRODUCTION, UGANDA

Editor - Feature film produced by PWSFTVIT awarded with a Press Award on The Amateur and Independent Movies Festival KAN.

50 min Documentary, Rogan Productions (Editor)

Dispatches Documentary from Rogan Productions for Ch4.

Travel documentary on the LGBTQ community in UK and US(Editor)

History of Shaft Udin struggle to find the meaning of love.(Editor)

Documentary on history and political aspect of banana production(Editor)

Short Documentary(Editor)

Additional Editor - Documentary movie made for ARTE France channel, shown at many festivals including Planette Doc Review. - DIRECTOR VITA ZELAKEVICIUTE

Additional Editor - Documentary series about the history of Polish Jazz music

Editor - Documentary movie shot in Russia.

Films for Olympic Channel on sport in Middle East (Editor)

Online campaign (Additional Editor)

Online campaign for E Formula 1 (Editor)

Electricity consumption awareness online campaign (Editor)

Series of online ads for Electrolux/AEG (Editor)

Editor - E-Formula 1 season 2013 - TEAM CHINA

Editor - Rebranding spot for a Belgacom sport channel

Editor - responsible for creating and editing weekly trailers for national TV - channel TVP2 - MTLMAXFILM

Editor - Responsible for editing trailers for feature movie. - MTLMAXFILM

Multiple promo/advertising projects (Editor)

Editor / Colourist - A series of music performances.

Editor - Series of 40, 50’ music video concerts for Polish National Radio. - POLISH NATIONAL RADIO 4

Editor - Videoclip for polish latin-flamenco musician. - KIWI FILM

Editor - Videoclip for the most popular polish punk-rock band.

Tomasz K.'s Software Skills

Tomas is an experienced DaVinci Resolve Colourist

Tomas is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor

Tomas is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline Editor

Tomas is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor

Tomas uses After Effects to enhance his own work.

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