Tom S.

Tom Sales

Tom S. Editor (offline).

Tom is an experienced editor with a strong story-driven style. He is fast, intuitive, and creative. With a wide range of experience, from bodycam Blue light to single cam ob-doc to Multicam studio fact-entertainment, Tom can easily adapt to multiple formats.

Tom has over 10 Years’ experience in Factual but also a keen eye for drama. His broad base of interests mean that he can lend insight and interest to other formats above and beyond his editing expertise.

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1x44mins, Britespark Films (Channel 5)

Specialist factual - Presenter lead, Our presenter is shown how easy it is to break into a car without keys. Avid Offline.

2x44mins, Britespark Films (Channel 5)

1x44mins, Britespark Films (Channel 5)Co-editor for Britespark Films, Avid (Channel 5)

Editor 3x30mins, Ricochet, Avid (Discovery)

Co-editor 44mins, Britespark films, Avid (Channel 5)

Editor VT, BBC Factual, Avid (BBC1)

Editor 9 episodes. Ricochet, Avid (BBC 1)

Editor, Christmas Special, Avid (Channel 5)

Passover UK: A Jewish Journey, Observational Documentary

Presenter led film that looks into how Passover is celebrated across the country. Avid Offline Editor

30 min (ITN)

Observational Documentary, Tenancy agents track down an aggressive absconding rentee. Avid Offline Editor

Editor, 3 episodes, Curve Media, Avid (Channel 4)

Editor, 1x43min, Title Road, Avid (Channel 5)

Editor, 9x44mins, Ricochet, Avid (Channel 5)

Editor, 1 story per week, Avid (Channel 5)

Editor, Managed the edit, Brown Bob, Avid (Watch TV)

Junior Editor, Multistory, Avid (Netflix)

Teaser/Promo Edit, Sound design, Archive.

Ingest, Project Organisation, Selects, Archive, Edit assisting.

Ingest, Assembly, Syncing, Delivery, Archive

Ingest, Assembly, Assisting, project prep

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