Tom K.

Tom K. Editor (offline).

An outstanding Editor, with over 20 years’ experience working with top media companies, including Working Title, The BFI, BBC, Disney+, News UK and HBO. An exceptional storyteller in news, factual, social media and drama who enjoys solving problems and really polishing the edit with careful sound design and motion graphics.

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10 x 60min. True crime series presented by investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre exploring the forensic evidence which helped to put various killers behind bars . Emporium Productions for CBS Reality (Avid offline)

1 x 120min. A 20th anniversary special with interviews from women who witnessed that day in very different ways. Plimsoll Productions for Disney+ and ABC (Avid offline)

1 X 60min. Exploring the betrayal of Mi5 and Mi6 by ‘Cambridge Spy’ Kim Philby to accompany the ITV drama starring Damien Lewis and Guy Pearce. Wingspan Productions for ITV. (Avid offline)

8 X 60min. Exploring whether money truly can buy happiness, families from opposite ends of the economic spectrum trade lives for seven days. Emporium Productions for Channel 5 (Avid offline)

6 X 60min. Artisan food producers compete to win a life changing supermarket contract. South Shore Productions for Channel 4 (Avid offline)

10 X 60min. This series examines the phenomenon of UFOs with contributions from all sides of the debate. Wag Entertainment for Sky History (Avid offline)

6 X 60min. Novice real estate agents compete for the chance to sell super-prime properties from £5 million to £30 million. South Shore Productions for Channel 4 (Avid offline)

1x60min. A look behind the scenes as Aldi and their suppliers try to top their previous Christmas offering. South Shore Productions for Channel 4 (Avid offline)

1x60min. Following Marks and Spencer as they develop, taste and then launch their top Christmas products. South Shore Productions for Channel 4 (Avid offline)

Campaign videos for Philips Oneblade across all social media platforms and formats from 16:9 to 1:1, 4:5 and 9x16 portrait. Hogarth/Ogilvy. (Premiere offline)

A range of very close-up product videos for the brand’s new skincare launches across various social media platforms. Spring Studios (Premiere offline)

Social video addressing the changes coming from the pandemic. Hogarth/Ogilvy. (Premiere offline)

A series of animations for social media promoting the use of postal services at Christmas. Hogarth/Ogilvy. (Premiere and After Effects)

A series of stylish 15-30 second videos promoting the premium salon shampoo across all social platforms in 5:4 and 9:16 formats. Spring Studios (Premiere offline)

A series of fun short videos promoting various skincare products by the brand across all socials. Spring Studios (Premiere offline)

A series of videos on a bespoke website for Nike’s ‘Active Kids Do Better’ initiative which aims to get children exercising on a daily basis. (Premiere offline)

Expert panel discussions on subjects as diverse as carbon trading, plastic pollution, pandemic recovery and the presidential race. (Premiere offline)

1x45 min. Event video for the launch of the 70th anniversary Navitimer watch across all social media platforms. (Premiere offline)

Two videos following outreach work by Lockheed to encourage young people to get into STEM and specifically rocket engineering for the mission to Mars. (Premiere offline)

Short-form videos on environmental topics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter including offshore wind energy, hydrogen fuel and the One Young World Summit in London. (Premiere offline)

Short corporate film about Manchester and Salford and the advantages for employees and talent who move there. (Avid offline)

Two online videos following the outreach work of the LTA in mentoring young players from all backgrounds to play Tennis. (Premiere offline)

1x 30 min. Interview with Chanel Global CEO, Leena Nair, about the challenges of managing teams and the rewards for managers of ‘lifting as you climb’. (Premiere offline)

1 x 6 minute sizzle reel. Drawing on hours of specially shot actuality and interviews woven with 80s archive to tell the story of the music producer responsible for bringing US Hip Hop acts to UK prominence in the 1980s. Directors George Amponsah and Neil Johnson - (Da Vinci Resolve offline)

1 X 2 minute sizzle reel. A fast paced musical montage of all the best content on the SVOD platform for a private presentation to senior Discovery executives on their first visit to the London office.

1 X 100min. 1950s based drama starring Maggie Smith, Ruth Wilson and David Walliams. Directed By Stephen Poliakoff. Talkback Thames for BBC and HBO Films (Lightworks offline)

1 X 45min. 1950s prequel to ‘Capturing Mary’ starring Ruth Wilson. Talkback Thames for BBC. (FCP7 offline)

1 X 100min. Drama with Bill Nighy, Miranda Richardson, Emily Blunt and Tom Hardy. Directed By Stephen Poliakoff. (Lightworks offline - assembly editor)

1 X 105min. Drama with Damien Lewis, Jodhi May, Robert Linday and Eddie Marsan. Directed By Stephen Poliakoff . (Lightworks offline - assembly editor)

1 X 100min. Drama with Michael Gambon, Rupert Penry-Jones and Rebecca Hall. Directed By Stephen Poliakoff. (Lightworks offline - assembly editor)

1 X 90min. 9/11 explored from multiple viewpoints in this oscar nominated and BAFTA winning drama directed by Paul Greengrass. (Avid offline - assembly editor)

Quick turnaround of breaking news stories for the ‘Afghan International’ news channel (Avid off/online to live news)

Cutting three current affairs stories per week over ten years combining archive, interviews and voiceover. Discovery Education for their SVOD streaming service (Avid/Premiere offline with After Effects)

Quick turnaround of breaking news stories using Avid Interplay and iNews software for the news rundown (Avid off/online to live news)

This short film won an award at the Underwire Festival (FCP7 offline edit from 4K Red footage with proxies)

I directed this short film and synced and prepped the Avid project so that my retired editing mentor, Bryan Oates, could edit it with me.

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