Tim S.

Tim S. Editor (Offline / Online), Sound Editor, Creative Editing.

Tim is a very fast editor and can turn around and fine-cut scenes and programme material swiftly and accurately. He has an excellent understanding of the medium he works in and has a flair for narrative of any description; be it a sporting event, news feature, a documentary, or commercial.

Tim has the talent to make dramatic and compelling television. His speciality, being a musician and composer as well, is audio and music led material, but can work with any genre. Never missed a TX or deadline in 20 years of working.

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ElevenSports - IMG - AVID

Perform Group - for DAZN - Premiere

Cutting features, promos and news items for fast turnaround – AVID

Highlights packages, features, openers and documentaries for: Ryder Cup, US Open Tennis, Premier League Football, Golf British Open, Americas Cup, Rugby Heineken Cup, Cricket World Cup, Formula 1, Rugby Super League, NFL, Horse of the Year Show, Premier League Darts, La Liga, Champions League, Speedway, Moto Grand Prix – AVID Offline/Online

panel show – Sky1 – AVID

children's sports show – Sky1 – AVID

Sport/Reality show – Sky – AVID

Sports based chat show – Sky1 – AVID

VT Inserts for Charity Match – Sky1 – AVID

Pitch film for agency - Premiere/AFX

Mental Health through sport awareness campaign – Premiere Pro

Le media / Channel4 - AVID

Corporate Documentary BTS – 1x12min – Premiere Pro

Commercial for O2 Presentation & Installation – PP Offline/Online

Mood boards for Ministry of Defence Pitch

Mood boards for Presentation/pitch

Corporate Documentary – 1x30min - AVID

Staff Training videos – 20 x 10mins – AVID

30 sec Commercial Promo

4x10min – AVID

1x5min – AVID

1x5min – AVID

3mins – Premiere Pro

Corporate promos and show reels – AVID & Premiere Pro/AFX

Zinc Television for Channel 5.

Crackit Productions for C5.

Endermol/Douglas Road/BBC Arts

Rogan Productions/C4


finishing editor - ZNAK & CO Ltd/Netflix

extended taster reel – Atlantic Productions

Label One Productions for BBC1

Short Documentary, Science Feature - Premiere/AFX

Sports documentary for Sky

Series of Short films for Sky charity event

2x50min – Horizon (BBC HD/ BBC2) – AVID Offline

1x50min – (Discovery/Arrow Media) – AVID Offline

10x10min (Series of Shorts for Sky Arts) – AVID Offline

1x50min – AVID Offline

4x10min – C4/RAW TV – AVID Offline

CITV – Children’s Animation Series – Premiere off/online & Nuendo Sound Design

GMTV Children’s Animation Series – Premiere off/online & Nuendo Sound Design

Waddell Media/BBC3

(Series Finale) Renowned/BBC3

UK EP 1 & 6 Koska Productions for C5.

Barcroft for US Broadcast

Finishing Editor Screen Dog/C4

EP6 – Kalel Productions/C5

E4, Monkey Kingdom – Head of Post

BBC/HBO Feature Film – AVID Offline

Games trailers – AVID Offline

A series of driving games promos – AVID Offline

Concert & EPKs – AVID Off/Online

Music Series – BBC3 – AVID Offline

Documentary on Opera Singer – BBC4/IMG - Avid Offline

Music Promo for Alaye – MTV Base - AVID

Cinematic release & MTV – AVID

VTs – Aurora Media - ITV

Jamie Oliver Productions - (US/PBS) EP 01 - 13

Sky-Arts/Rediffusion 2012 – Arts Doc – AVID Offline

C5 – Head of Post – AVID

VT Inserts – Post game of thrones chat show – AVID

C5/Mentorn – AVID Offline/Online

Theatrical short film – Premiere Pro

Tim S.'s Software Skills

Tim is an experienced Avid Symphony user.

Tim is an experienced Avid Media Composer user.

Tim is an experienced Premiere Pro user.

Tim is an experienced Pro Tools user.

Tim is an intermediate user of After Effects.

Tim is an experienced Photoshop user.

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