Taos D.

Taos D. Motion Graphic Designer, Editor (Offline / Online), Animator, Colourist, Compositor, Effects Artist, VFX Supervisor.

Taos is a versatile video post-production all-rounder, with 10 years’ experience working through the whole pipeline on short films, commercials, corporate, broadcast and social media pieces. Skilled in motion graphics, vfx, editing, and colouring with a background in fine arts and photography she is curious, flexible and always up for a challenge.

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10sec x hundreds Snapchat channels content for 3 markets over 2 years. ( AFX motion graphics, edit, template creations, animation)

4x. Snapchat and Instagram AR filters (Lens Studio, Spark AR, AFX)

30 sec. April’s fools viral spot test the new model on a chocolate road. Kash (AFX vfx)

3 x 30 sec. Product showcase films . Kash (AFX motion graphics)

1 min 30. Urban forest festival sponsor spot . Kash (Colourist)

3 min. online commercial airline presentation . Kash (AFX motion graphics)

2 min. online presentation campaign . Kash (AFX motion graphics/vfx)

3x 1min30. Series of how to videos . Kash (AFX motion graphics)

1min30. Signa testimonial videos for Spark . Kash (AFX motion graphics)

2 x 3min Fact finding/educational campaign about first time sex. 90 seconds (Edit, motion graphics, subtitles)

2 x 2min Fact finding/educational campaign about position. Localized x5. 90 seconds (Edit, motion graphics, subtitles)

2 min. Mobile campaign case study. 90 Seconds (AFX animation, editor, colourist)

1min30. Brand presentation animation. 90 Seconds (AFX animation)

2min Internal stakes presentation film. James and James for Lloyds group (Edit, colourist)

2min . 8K setup over 2 screens for and international trade convention stakes presentation film. Kash for Cisco (AFX motion graphics)

12 min. Innovation labs presentation. Kash ( AFX Motion graphics)

3 min. Conference case study. Kash (AFX Motion Graphics)

2 x 2min Corporate presentation films. Trevor Hardy limited (Davinci resolve Colourist)

2 x 2min Conference presentation films. Kash (AFX Motion Graphics, editor)

10 sec. Logo animation. James and James (AFX motion graphics)

2x 3min. Product showcase films. Kash (AFX motion graphics)

2 x 10 sec. Sting ident animations. James and James (AFX motion graphics)

1 min. Animated presentation for Women in Business conference. Kash (AFX motion graphics)

2 Min. corporate case study film. 90seconds (AFX motion graphics)

3 min. corporate film. Kash (AFX motion graphics)

2 min. corporate explainer animated film . 90seconds (AFX motion graphics/animation)

1 min. Corporate film flyover London with tracked landmarks. Spiked Media (AFX motion graphics)

4x 4 min. Quarterly case studies Internal. Spiked Media (AFX motion graphics)

2 min. Internal animation film on the group’s sustainability initiatives. Spiked Media (AFX animation)

30sec . TVC for the G-SHOCK Mudmaster series . Kash (AFX motion graphics/ endplates )

5x 1min. In store adverts (France). Absolut Media (AFX motion graphics)

Fashion show presentations (Edit, motion graphics)

2 min. G-SHOCK prospect film . Kash (AFX motion graphics, edit)

1 min 30. Celviano prospect film . Kash (AFX motion graphics, edit)

Various sizzle reels and quarterly presentations (Edit, motion graphics)

PC game based on the graphic novel. Belles productions (matte-painting, cut scenes vfx)

56 min. Working with the poetics of vocality, choreography, and animation, the project looks at the entanglements of climate and racism in the creation of The Commonwealth, the 1948 British Nationality Act, and the unstable and ambient fear that constitutes citizenship in the UK today. Otolith group for Sharjah Architecture Triennial (AFX animation/vfx, colourist)

54min The life and career of Betty Davis, legendary funk singer. Native voices. (2D animation)

17 min. A filmed walkthrough one of the works of contemporary artist David Spurring. Spurring (colourist)

15 min. A filmed walkthrough one of the works of contemporary artist David Spurring. Spurring (colourist)

14 min. A hip hop musical against automated propaganda, directed by Manu Luksch Starring: Gunman Xuman, Lady Zee, OMG. (Davinci Resolve Colourist/vfx)

Various, Inhouse senior motion graphics designer and editor for 2 years.

89 min. Psychological sci-fi/horror thriller set in a dystopian United Kingdom. Aviary films (vfx, paint and roto)

78 min. Full 3D animated musical film. Haut et court (Matte-painting intern)

5 x 4min Live performance background animations. Spiked Media (AFX animation / motion graphics)

2 min . 3D VR experience for the show. Kash/Lemonade Money for Channel 4 (vfx supervision, Houdini Dynamics, Pftrack Tracking)

6 min. Musical short film with Skillit. Lemonade Money/ Kash (AFX motion graphics, vfx)

3 min. Music video for “Obviously”. Kash (Colourist, Motion graphics)

News segment documenting the work of Phil Cox and Daoud Hari covering the events in Sudan. Native voices for Channel 4. (2D animation illustrating their jailing for which here was no footage)

8 min winner of the 48hours film project 2017 a drama fantasy tale of love and obsession. (Premiere off/online, vfx, vfx supervision, post production supervision)

15 mins An absurd black comedy unbelievably based on a true story of Victorian occult murder with a hint of spiritualism. Copycats ltd (Davinci colourist, AFX Vfx, Houdini dynamics, vfx supervisor)

12min A psychological horror, Martyrs Lane is a deeply personal story of love and loss. Martyrs lane limited for BFI (Matte Painting)

14min A surreal, comedy-noir about waking up to life. Vault films for BFI (vfx)

9min Zombie Drag Queens are out to stop the spread of an evil corporate virus. Val Phoenix ( AFX vfx, Davinci colourist

9min A night security guard and a cleaner in opposite office blocks engage in an unconventional courtship. Film London / shorts film fund (vfx, matte-painting)

6 min thriller entry for the 48hours film project. (colourist, vfx)

Taos D.'s Software Skills

Advanced user of AFX.

Advanced premiere pro editor.

Advanced user of Illustrator

Advanced user of DVR

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