Steve B.

Steve B. Editor (Offline / Online).

Steve is an aspiring documentary film editor with 17 years broadcast experience that also includes factual entertainment, reality, comedy, sport, travel and music.

His branded content portfolio includes a BAFTA nominated comedy series for YouTube Originals, a comedy mini-series for Lego, a lifestyle mini-series for PlayStation, numerous product launches for Porsche and Bentley plus fashion content for Versace and Marks&Spencer.

Steve is an experienced offline video editor with strong motion graphics skills able to ‘finish/ online’ and have delivered of over 40 hours of independent films to Vue Cinemas. Steve's work has been broadcast across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and China, and he seeks out new opportunities that often includes format development and pilots.

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Documentary series about the Duchy of Lancaster and Cornwall and the wealth and jewellery of the Windsors and Royal family. In pre- production having edited the pilot.

MAPTV (Premiere).

7 X 30min documentary series about Systems Thinking within government, climate change and the biosphere and the economy. In pre-production having edited multiple pilots.


60min Panorama special about the Covid Christmas lockdown parties throughout Westminster.


3 X 60min episodes for the true crime documentary series about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. As the After Effects artist Steve created animated AVATARS of Hindley and Brady from their police mugshots, digitally restored and animated 200 archive photographs, created multiple GFX packages, title sequences, part breaks and a range of distribution and social media materials. MAP TV for CHANNEL 4 (Premiere Pro/AFX).

1 X 48min documentary about the gospel musician, PJ Morton, for broadcast and DVD release in America. 99 Giants for OH TV (FCP Colour).

2 X Seasons mastering 40 hours of adventure films for a nationwide tour. Black Diamond Films for Vue Cinemas. (Avid Symphony).

E-Commerce fashion catalogue (Per Una collection). Spicer and Moore. (Avid).

x4-part BAFTA nominated comedy series written and presented by Munya Chawawa featuring celebrity guests.

Expectation TV (Avid/AFX).

Product launch film for the new V12 Zagato. Kingdom Creative. (FCPX/Shooting PD).

Buckingham Palace Garden Party event film. Kingdom Creative. (FCPX/Shooting PD).

5 X 15sec Google Adds. Black Diamond Films. (Avid).

2 X 90sec corporate films with 3d modelling of new energy technologies. (Premiere Pro/AFX).

Social media campaign about Playstation’s e-sports championship, GT Academy, with competing gamers becoming professional and sponsored Nissan racing drivers. Grand Central and Kingdom Creative. (FCPX/AFX/Shooting PD).

Social media content from the Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva and Moscow motor shows edited on sight. Social media content about the Porsche GB Carrera Cup Championship. Kingdom Creative. (FCPX/AFX/Shooting PD).

Campaign, Sponsorship and Driver Profile films. Kingdom Creative. (FCPX/AFX/Shooting PD).

1 X 5sec ident to support ITV coverage of the British Touring Car Championship. Black Diamond Films for ITV. (Avid).

1 X 30sec cinema advert. Black Diamond Films for Vue Cinemas. (Avid offline/online/AFX).

1 X 30sec cinema advert. Black Diamond Films for Vue Cinemas. (Avid offline/online).

Product launch of the 2016 Bentley Continental GT. Kingdom Creative. (FCPX/Shooting PD).

Product launch films for the new 911, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster and the 918 Spider Hybrid Super Car. Kingdom Creative (FCPX offline/online/Shooting PD).

1 X 30sec sequence. Black Diamond Films for Sky Sports 4. (Avid/AFX).

2 X 12min TV mini-series about ‘fake’ inventions.

KALEL PRODUCTIONS for CHANNEL 4 (All 4) (Premiere).

4 X 12min TV mini-series featuring 4 comedians (Judi Love, Aisling Bea, Rhys James, and Katherine Ryan) and children building wacky futuristic inventions from Lego.

KALEL PRODUCTIONS for CHANNEL 4 (All 4) (Premiere).

1 X 50min TV episode as part of the 10 year season finale.


For E4, Maverick TV (Avid)

335 X 23min TV episodes about seasonal extreme sports. Black Diamond Films for SKY SPORTS 3 (Avid offline&online/AFX).

16 X 23min travel series about Oregon, USA, presented by Alistair Divall. Black Diamond Films for TRAVEL CHANNEL. (Avid offline&online/AFX).

32 X 23min clip show created from user generated content. Turner for Nuts TV. (Avid offline/online/AFX).

In-show special features. Avlon for SKY ONE. (Avid)

1 X 24min episode presented by the travel journalist, Simon Calder, showcasing travel destinations for short city breaks. Black Diamond Films for TRAVEL CHANNEL. (Avid offline/online).

3 X 10min films from the play by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for their own SVOD platform. (Premier Pro/AFX/Shooting PD).

1 X 48min character-lead feature filmed from the Arctic Circle about the tabloid journalist, Des Kelly, and motorsport TV presenter, Tony Jardine, competing in one of the world’s toughest motorsport rallies. Kingdom Creative for Sky Sports 4 (FCPX offline/online/Director/Script).

1 X 48min single feature documenting the worlds oldest motor rally. Kingdom Creative for Motors TV (FCPX offline/online/Shooting PD/Script/AFX).

1 X 48 min character-lead feature about the TV presenter, Mathew Marsh, competing in the infamous 24 hour Daytona endurance race for Chevrolet. Kingdom Creative for ESPN. (FCPX offline/online).

Branded content and marketing films for China social media outlets featuring the celebrity pop singer, actor and model, Haung Zitao. (Premiere Pro/Shooting PD).

E-Commerce and online store clips for the Per Una collection. Spicer and Moore. (Avid).

6 X 23min TV series following two e-sports gamers becoming sponsored Nissan racing drivers and competing in the FIA World Endurance Championship. Kingdom Creative for EUROSPORT. (FCPX offline/online/Shooting PD).

PRODUCER AND DIGITAL SPECIALIST - music production for independent artists and graphic design art for content releases.

(Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Reason)

BIG BOYZ ENTERTAINMENT and SCENE ONE PRODUCTIONS for UK and international broadcast. (FCPX).

Music video. THEntertainment for CCTV CH15 China (Premiere Pro offline/online/Shooting PD).

335 X 23min TV episodes about seasonal extreme sports. Black Diamond Films for Sky Sports 3 (Avid offline/online/AFX).

Complete seasons coverage providing newsroom dailies. Kingdom Creative for ESPN. (FCPX offline/online and Shooting PD).

2 X Seasons providing newsroom dailies and driver interviews. Kingdom Creative for ESPN. (FCPX offline/online/Shooting PD).

5 X 90 second highlights packages. ITN for Channel 4 (Avid offline).

5 X 27min episodes written and presented by Munya Chawawa featuring various influencer/celebrity guest appearances. Expectation TV for YOUTUBE ORIGINALS. (Avid offline).

Steve B.'s Software Skills

Steve is a highly skilled Premiere Pro editor.

Steve is a mid level AFX operator and uses it to enhance his work.

Steve is a highly skilled Avid offline editor.

Steve is an advanced Final cut pro 10 editor.

Steve is an intermediate / mid level user of Photoshop.

Steve is an intermediate / mid level user of Illustrator.

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