Stefano S.

Stefano S. Editor (Offline / Online).

Stefano has twelve years of experience in video editing/motion graphics with an ability to lead projects (independently or in teams) as well as in a supportive role. He has covered most genres including adverts, TV programmes, documentaries, corporate videos, trailers, mood videos, case studies, pitching videos, short movies, etc. His strong visual sense, story-telling abilities, creative flair and technical expertise are the foundation of his skill base.

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20” to 30” TVC extensión, Unit (Editor / Motion Graphics).

4 x 60” / 30” / 15” / 5” for UK, Australia & Singapore. Zebra Crossing / DDB. (Editor).

60” US reversion, 30” European reversion. CP+B. (Offline / Online Editor).

60” / 30” TVC, Strudel Film. (Offline Editor).

30” TVC reversion, King & Henry. (Editor).

30” TVC, Hogarth (Editor).

30”, Hogarth (Editor).

700 x 30” / 15” European reversions for Christmas campaigns. (Editor).

4 x 30” / 15”, Hogarth (Editor).

20” / 30”, Hogarth (Editor).

20”, HUB+ (Editor).

20” / 30” Reversion of adverts for France, Italy, Russia, Slovakia and the Ukraine, HUB+ (Editor).

22 Products x 19 Countries x 10" - Reversioning of worldwide comparative advert campaign, HUB+ (Editor).

20” / 25”, HUB+ (Editor).

2'30” - On demand service video launch.

Editor off/Online - 8 x 30”/8 x 15” Forthcoming films on AXN - AXN TV/Sony Pictures

45”, Disney Channel / Technicolor. (Editor).

90”, MIPCOM. (Editor).

40” Eight under-16’s head to a real Camp Rock to learn how to perform like the Jonas Brothers. Unique TV / Disney Channel (Editor).

60” polo clothing promo. Blue Tuna. (Editor).

20 x 2 / 3’ training videos, Hogarth (Editor).

6 x 10” idents for Sky Sports News, Renault and Nescafe, Publicis (Editor).

2’ / 20th anniversary celebration of presence in China. - TVC Group (Editor).

1’ 45” case study, Wardour Comms (Editor).

1’ 30” product presentation playbast animation, HMX Media. (Editor).

40” New packaging launch, Tequila UK (Motion Graphics).

4” / 7” bumper videos, AKQA. (Editor).

1’ 45” content for festival to launch Nike+ FuelBands. Archer’s Mark (Editor).

2’ 30”, Markettiers. (Editor).

2’ Behind the scene Samsung photo shoot, Big Balls (Editor).

12 x 3 / 4’ body conditioning videos for Marie Claire’s website. Unique Broadcasting Company (Editor).

2 x 3’ video tutorial for website, Head. (Editor).

3 x 12’ / 20’ Onsite editing of raw feeds for broadcast. Markettiers (Editor).

6 x 48’ Match highlights of Queen’s Cup and latest polo events, Blue Tuna / Sky Sports / Eurosport (Offline / Online Editor).

4’ pilot, Cartoon Network / Unit (Offline / Online Editor).

1 x 11’ artist profile and performance, EMI / Channel 4 (Online Editor).

60’ A behind the scenes view of Superstar DJ Carl Cox, his hectic work schedule which takes him across the globe and a rare glimpse of his personal life, with his family and friends. Hi-Fi Entertainment (Offline / Online Editor).

3 x 10 / 20’ Ordinary people with extra-ordinary hobbies, Center Films (Editor).

40’ Documentary for Architecture exhibition in Edinburgh. Unit. (Editor).

50’ Story of the volunteers involved at the Chernobyl Disaster. OB Film. (Editor Supervisor/ Co-Editor Offline).

50’ Mandy Garvin’s struggle to have a baby with her dead husband’s sperm. Pahni. (Co-Editor Off/ Online).

120’ Tribute to Lord Brabourne for BAFTA. Blue Tuna (Editor Offline/ Online).

10’ A British couple helps an Indian boy living on the street. True story. (Co - Editor Offline)

50’ An in-depth look into cancer survivors’ lives. Solaris (Offline Editor).

3’ 40” TV package about social media. BBC (Offline Editor).

7 x 42’ TV talent series in which famous Iranian singer, Googoosh is going to discover the next Persian music star. Unique TV / Manoto TV. (Offline Editor).

4’ 20” Driving challenge for ‘Help the Heroes’ charity.

6’ pilot for interactive quiz show. Channel 5 / Ostrich (Offline / Online Editor).

6’ pilot for interactive quiz show. Channel 5 / Ostrich (Offline / Online Editor).

26’ pilot episode for TV game show, BBC1. (Editor).

30 x 30’ Top of the show menus/pre-recorded features for live programme, BBC 1 (Offline / Online Editor).

5 x 3’ Back projection video for a tango performance conducted by Luis Bacalov at OST art festival. Solaris Film (Editor).

3’ TV News Release. Press Association (Offline / Online Editor).

1’ 40” Pitch, CP+B (Editor).

30” animatic, HUB+ (Editor).

1’ 30” pitch, DDB (Editor).

2’ 10” pitch, DDB (Editor).

2’ 20” pitch, OMD / Run (Editor).

1 x 3’ pitch, Tequila (Editor).

20” reversion video game advert for European Market. Maverick Media. (Offline / Online Editor).

30” / 15” EA Games ad reversion, HUB+ (Editor).

30” / 15” EA Games ad reversion, HUB+ (Editor).

20”, Clock Work Film (Editor).

30”, Clock Work Film (Editor).

20”, Clock Work Film (Editor).

20”, Clock Work Film (Editor).

60” on set Director’s preview, Clock Work Film (Editor Offline).

1 x 3’ for new service launch, Sony PlayStation (Editor).

1 x 45” in game instruction, Sony PlayStation (Editor).

2 x 1’ new console video launch, Sony PlayStation (Editor).

60” / 30” / 15” TVC’s, Sony PlayStation (Editor).


Stefano S.'s Software Skills

Stefano is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor

Stefano is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor

Stefano is an experienced After Effects Artist.

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