Stefania R.

Stefania R. Animator, Designer, Compositor, 3D Generalist, Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Animator, 3D Artist, Editor (Offline / Online).

After a few childhood dabblings with flip-book drawing Stefania developed a profound passion for art, illustration and digital painting. Her career officially started to take shape at the age of 19 when she gained experience in character animation and from that point onwards she has learnt how to master the full creative process from beginning to end.

What Stefania values the most in her professional life is being part of a team that is dedicated to ‘the craft’ and specialist within this field. She also loves surrounding herself with other talented artists as it allows her to take on board new perspectives and techniques.

Specialising in Motion Graphics but with a back ground in life drawing she has innate understands of what it means to inject life into a project, adding her own twist and originality along the way.

Not satisfied being told that her work is good, Stefania will always go that extra mile to transform it into something great; after all Italian’s are known to be a proud nation!

With that said, she is friendly, considerate and patient in equal measures, all of which are sure to leave a long lasting impression.

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TVC, Grey Works (Animator).

TVC and online campaign, Adam & Eve DDB (Animator).

TVC, Smoke & Mirrors (Animator).

TVC, Sony Computer Entertainment. (Animator)

TVC, Fifty Fifty (Animator).

TVC, Publicis (Animator).

TVC, Isobar (3D Animation & Motion Graphics)

TVC & Digital panels & screen advertising for the IPad app, Isobar (2D Animation & Motion Graphics).

Commercial, 2D parallax, UniTV (Animator).

TVC, Isobar (3D Artist).

TVC, Isobar (3D Animation).

TVC and online campaign, Isobar (3D Artist, Modeller, Animator).

Corporate campaign, Robertson Cooper. (Animator).

Branded film, Four 23 (Motion Graphics & Design).

Campaign presentation, Tag Europe. (Animator).

Multilaw campaign, Hub TV (Motion Graphics, Tracking, Compositing).

Mongolia film show at the WEF, Lonely Leap (2D Animation).

Painting Practice, Channel 4 (3D Motion Graphics Designer).

Factory Fifteen (Animator).

Ragdoll / BBC (3D Character Animator).

Chapman Entertainment / BBC (3D Character Animator).


Online tutorials, Tag Europe (Animator).

Online campaign, Cheil (Animator).

Online campaign, Smoke & Mirrors (Motion Graphics & Animator).

Online campaign, AKQA (Animator).

Online campaign, Connected Pictures. (Motion Graphics & Design).

Online campaign, Spark 44 (Animator).

Online campaign, Publicis (Motion Graphics & Design).

Online campaign, Smyle (2D Artist).

Online campaign, Esa Films Ltd (3D Artist).

ITV (Motion Graphics)

2D animatics, Mother London (Animator).

Campaign, One Giant Production (Animator).

Catwalk fashion show, Four 23 (Animator).

Fashion campaign, Daziel & Pow (3D Motion Graphics Designer).

Stefania R.'s Software Skills

Stefania is a highly experienced Maya Generalist.

Stefania is an experienced Cinema 4D Artist.

Stefania is a highly experienced After Effects Animator, Designer and Compositor.

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