Senem Y.

Senem Y. Colourist.

Senem is a colour grading artist with over ten years of experience in the post-production industry. After beginning her career as a telecine assistant, experiencing both film negative and digital formats, she became Lead Colourist and Head of a Department at IMAJ.

During her career, she has had the opportunity to work with industry leading brands including; P&G, Coca Cola, Unilever, L’Oréal, and Vodafone and has worked with advertising agencies such as JWT, TBWA and DDB. Alongside commercials, she also grades feature films, music videos and documentaries but her passion lies in grading beauty films and landscapes.

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108” viral for the honey brand. Kozmlik Productions / Jammy Fellow (Baselight)

6 x 2-3’ viral films. Autonomy Productions (Baselight).

2 x 60” emotional online films. WBR Productions (Baselight).

2’ viral for custom designed T-shirt company. Depo Films (Baselight)

1’ viral for top job search engine. Kosmik Films (Baselight).

5’ film introducing a new camera with cutting edge technology. Haciyatmaz Productions (Baselight).

5’ flight safety video in partnership with Disney Turkey & Marvel. Anima Productions (Baselight).

2’ corporate video. WBR Productions (Baselight).

72” TVC for new shampoo range. Depo Films (Baselight).

47” TVC for Shampoo brand. Depo Films (Baselight)

93” TVC, shot 2perf 35mm. Filmpark (Baselight)

48” TVC. Depo Films (Baselight).

99” TVC, Dinamo Films (Baselight).

58” TVC for Coca Cola’s new promotion. Autonomy (Baselight)

93” TVC. Dinamo Productions (Baselight).

63” TVC. Haciyatmaz Productions (Baselight).

43” TVC. First Unit Productions. (Baselight)

42” TVC. Dinamo Films (Baselight).

40” TVC. Depo Films (Baselight).

57” TVC for women’s shampoo brand. Depo Films (Baselight)

46” TVC, Autonomy (Baselight).

69” TVC. Bocek Film Productions (Baselight).

70” TVC. Anima Productions (Baselight).

45” TVC (Baselight)

48” TVC for jewellery brand. Depo Films (Baselight)

52” TVC kids fashion brand. Depo Films (Baselight).

110” TVC for deodorant brand, starring Survivor contestants. Kala Films (Baselight)

45” TVC for a music and entertainment store. Kala Film Productions (Baselight).

65” TVC for one of the biggest banks in Turkey. Autonomy (Baselight)

3’ TVC for BNP Paribas. Kala Film Productions (DaVinci Resolve)

60” TVC for a fuel company. Autonomy (DaVinci Resolve)

55” TVC. Bocek Productions (Baselight)

73” TVC for a credit card brand. PToT Films (Baselight).

110” TVC for bottled water brand. Kala Film Productions (Baselight).

37” Atlantik Films (Baselight).






Comedy / Documentary show of Cem Yilmaz (Baselight).

3 X 3’. 2012 Productions (Baselight).

3 x 30” videos for the first promo of Glamour Magazine. Kozmik Productions (Baselight)

A series of funny adventures await the trio of Yeliz, Deniz and Ahmet, as Ahmet tries his best to protect his girlfriend from his jealous sister Yeliz's devious plots. (Baselight).

Upon turning eight-teen, Salih leaves the orphanage to go on a journey that uncovers bitter truths of a war-ridden past. (Baselight).

An ordinary story that started in pursuit of a missing girl case and turned into a funny adventure game. (Baselight).

Story of a problematic relationship between 20 year old handsome but traumatic young man and a middle aged porn star. (Baselight).

Comedy, Romance : Brilliant comedy actor Ata Demirer plays two different characters ; himself and his mom in this romantic comedy. 2016 ( Baselight)

4’ Music Video. Bocek Productions

4’30” Music Video. Filmline Productions.

4’ Music video. Depo Film

2 hour long concert video of the pianist.

4’ Music Video. Inter Film.

Sci-Fi, Thriller

Experimental Short

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Senem is an advanced user of DaVinci Resolve.

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