Samuel T.

Samuel T. Editor (Offline / Online), Audio Editor, Camera Operator, Colourist, Creative Editing, DIT, Motion Graphic Designer.

Sam is a creative, determined and pragmatic freelance filmmaker, working predominantly as a Senior Video Editor but with a range of other abilities to my name. During his expansive and diverse employment over 10 years in the film and television industry he has grown his knowledge and experience to furnish himself with the best tools and talents to be able to tell the most compelling and unique stories on behalf of clients. Sam has worked as a media professional for a myriad of big (and smaller) name clients (including AP, Ogilvy and Hogarth), and in roles lasting from a few days to a few years. His projects run the gamut from features, broadcast and commercials to music videos and online work, participating in bold and impactful social media campaigns. In addition to Sam's technical and storytelling abilities he brings a cool head and affable attitude to the work, with the experience necessary to be able to focus on and amplify what makes each project shine, convey.

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ThroughTheBricks (2021)- 2x 3m, 3x 1m, Editor/Animator/Colourist, Hogarth Worldwide and Lego, (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Monthly Influencer Product Lineup (2020-2021) (Various) 90s - 1m 30s, Editor/Animator/Colourist, Hogarth Worldwide and Boots, (Premiere Pro/AFX/Resolve)

Jan Sale, 2019 (2019), Editor/VFX, Digital Out of Home, 15s x 3, BA (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Philips Sonicare / Latte Go/ Airfryer - (2019), (Various) 20s - 1m 30s socials, Editor/Animator/Colourist, Philips, (Premiere Pro/AFX/Resolve)

Online Product Videos (2020), (Various) 20s - 1m 30s x30+, Editor/Animator/Colourist, Liz Earle, (Premiere Pro/AFX/Resolve)

What Will You Do? (2019), 20s x3, Editor/Animator, AMEX (Premiere Pro/AFX/Resolve)

Instructional Videos (2020), 2m x2, Editor/VFX/Animation, Vodafone (Premiere Pro/AFX)

VOXI (Various Online), 30s edits showing off creator content, Editor/Animation, Vodafone (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Christmas Plate Arrangement (2017), 90s, Editor/Animator/Colourist, ThroughTheI, M&S (Premiere Pro/Photoshop/AFX)

Reconnect Robbie (2017), 1x 2m15s, 2x30s, Editor/Animator/Colourist, Skoda, Frank PR, Markettiers 4DC (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Reconnect Ray (2017) 1x 1m, Editor/Animator/Colourist, Skoda, Frank PR, Markettiers 4DC (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Pulse Launch Event (2017), 1x 90s, Editor/Colourist, Adidas (Premiere Pro/Da Vinci)

Big Bang Fair 2017, on-site Editor/DIT, same day turnaround, GSK (Premiere Pro)

Internal Sizzle Reel (2019), 1x 90s, Editor/Animator, KFC (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Pitch Film (2020), 1x 2m, Editor/Animator, Comfort Brand (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Interal Case Study, Adidas 2019), 1x 2m 10s, Editor/Animator, Adidas/Ogilvy (Premiere Pro/AFX)

Adcard Points (2019) 2x 30s, 2 x 20s, Editor/Animator, Hogarth Worldwide and Boots, (Premiere Pro/AFX/Resolve)

‘What will you do?’ (2019) 3x 30s, 3 x 10s, Editor/Animator, Ogilvy, AMEX and BA, (Premiere Pro/AFX)

TVC/Online PreRoll ‘Introducing 100% Recycled Bottles’ (2019) 1x 45s, 2x 10s, Editor, Hellman’s, (AFX)

‘Work is Rewarding) (2019) 1x 90s, 2 x 30s, Editor, Hogarth Worldwide and Dove, (Premiere Pro)

Event Video (2021) 3m, VFX/Animation with Trapcode Particular, Maverick Media, (Premiere Pro/AFX - Trapcode Particular)

The story of the album art design studio, Hipgnosis, who created some of the most iconic album covers of all time.

(2022, dir. Matthew Dyas, Editors: Ben Stark, Charlie Hawryliw) - Archive Online Editor 1 x 90 min documentary on the life of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. In Post for 2021 release, Conform Editor, Explorer Productions, (Avid/Da Vinci Resolve)

(TBD, dir. Clair Titley, Editor: Katie Bryer) - Assistant Editor 1 x 90 min documentary A Japanese reality TV star left naked in a room for more than a year, tasked with filling out magazine sweepstakes to earn food and clothing. (Avid/Da Vinci Resolve)

(working title - TBD, in progress) - Assistant Editor / Editor 1 x 90 min documentary on the disappearance of Libyan Opposition member and activist Mansur Kikhia. (Avid)

(TBD, Editor: Jeanna Mortimer) - Assistant Editor 1 x documentary on following the recovery of rugby player Ed Jackson and his subsequent hike across Nepal. (Avid/Da Vinci Resolve)

(PBS Secrets of the Dead, S21) (2023, dir: Adam Luria) - Editor 1x 60 min Factual, Science/History. Documentary exploring the implications of discovery of a 3rd Century Roman citizen with physical evidence of crucifixion for PBS ‘Secrets of the Dead’ series.

(2022 - Present, dir. Various) - Editor (x4 Episodes) 4x 60 min Factual / Comedy, Science For Evil Geniuses will explore the kind of scientific questions and theories you might expect from a typical megalomaniac with ambitions for world domination and an obsessive love of cats. (Avid)

1 x 90 min documentary on the life of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. In Post for 2021 release, Conform Editor, Explorer Productions, (Da Vinci Resolve)

(2014), - Editor/DIT (dir: Andy Phelps, Jake Hawkins) Horror Feature Film, 15 months after the apocalypse, a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they encounter a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life, (FCP 7).

(2015), Camera Op/Editor, Danze Macabre (Shot on AF100, Premiere Pro/AFX)

(2017), DIT/1st AC, Naomi Banks (FS7/FCP X)

BBC - Avid Offline.

(Various), Editor/Animator, Associated Press (FCP X/ Premiere Pro)

Live, News Promos/Highlights (2016) Editor/Animator, Associated Press (Premiere Pro/FCP X/AFX)

(2014), Drama Short, Editor (Premiere Pro/AFX)

(2014), Comedy Short, Editor (Avid/AFX)

(2014), Comedy Short, Editor (FCP X/AFX)

(2015), Comedy Short, Film buff Lucy causes chaos in Max's life when she drunkenly phones the wrong number. After a heated conversation and garnering support from their friends, the two enemies find themselves on a blind date, Editor (Premiere Pro/AFX)

(2016), Thriller Short DIT/Offline/Assembly Editor (Premiere Pro)

Snapchat Highlights Reel, Olympics 2020 (2021), 2x Daily over 16 days at 3m each, Editor/Animator, Livewire Sport, (Premiere Pro/AFX)

(2021 - Present, dir. Various) - VT Editor Ongoing freelance role cutting (and re-cutting) VTs from 30s to 10 mins for the One Show ready for live broadcast. (Avid)

A Storyville documentary telling the story of the extremely rare discovery of evidence of Roman crucifixion, unearthed in a routine archaeological dig in the Cambridgeshire Fens. For the BBC.

Studio and location-based factual ent show for Curiosity Stream for Impossible Factual (Avid Offline)

Samuel T.'s Software Skills

Sam in a highly experienced PP offline and online editor.

Intermediate AFX op.

Sam is a highly experienced Avid editor.

Sam uses Final Cut Pro, 7 & X proficiently.

Sam uses Final Cut Pro, 7 & X proficiently.

Sam is an intermediate Colourist.

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