Rowan J.

Rowan J. Creative Editing, Editor (Offline / Online).

Rowan is a creative, versatile, and technically astute editor, skilled on a range of long- and shortform projects - from TV to commercials, branded content and social media promos. Having worked with major names like BBC, Channel 5, and VICE, he can be trusted to work efficiently and produce great results. With experience on a wide range of software, he makes the perfect editor to communicate and collaborate with.

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2-minute internal roundup of marketing statistics. Fin London (AVID)

4x 1-minute cocktail how-to videos. Fin London (AVID)

3-minute compilation of worldwide WFH setups. WTV (Premiere Pro)

3D animation and editing of VO/B roll for online cosplay contest. ADVNCR (Premiere Pro, After Effects)

3-minute interview. VICE (Premiere Pro Online)

11-minute interview. VICE (Premiere Pro Online)

2x episodes for Instagram Stories. Ear To The Ground (Premiere Pro, After Effects)

Highlight reel for Instagram stories. ADVNCR (Premiere Pro Online, After Effects)

Countdown clock and graphics for live stream (After Effects)

4-minute internal film against sexual harassment. UOESU (Avid Offline)

2-minute make up tutorial (Premiere Pro Offline/Online)

8-minute highlight reel of year’s work (Premiere Pro Offline/Online)

Mood Film. Publicis Sapient (Premiere Pro)

Mood Film. VMLY&R (Premiere Pro)

Rotoscoping. CSM (After Effects)

6-minute event promo with performances and interviews. CHASE Consortium (Premiere Pro Online)

3-minute gig promo with band interviews. Peaky Grinders (Premiere Pro Online/Da Vinci Resolve)

1 x 20-minute film following research of cultural history of Essex coastline. Grand Theatre of Lemmings (Premiere Pro off/online)

4-minute brand sales video. Bureaux (Premiere Pro Online, After Effects)

4x 2-minute collection launch videos. Bureaux (Premiere Pro online, After Effects)

1-minute video promoting brand launch. Peaky Grinders (Premiere Pro off/online, Da Vinci Resolve)

10 x 10-second product catwalk videos for brand launch. ASOS (Premiere Pro off/online)

5 x 10-second product catwalk videos for brand launch. ASOS (Premiere Pro off/online)

10 x 10-second product catwalk videos for brand launch. ASOS (Premiere Pro off/online)

6-minute video with performance and narrative. 3VS (Premiere Pro off/online, Da Vinci Resolve)

Footage Research and offline edit for 30s TV commercial. St Luke’s (Premiere Pro)

Assistant Editor on worldwide TV/online ad campaign. Reversioning TV spot into 8 languages, multiple formats, and delivering for different territories. Craft (Premiere Pro)

Assistant Editor on 3 x 45-minute explorations of the infamous murderer’s victims. VICE/Channel 5 (Premiere Pro)

4-minute short film. Half-Cocked (Premiere Pro)

80-minute drama. Peaky Grinders (AVID)

Edit of as-live stream of Global Vaccine Alliance conference for world leaders. WTV (Premiere Pro)

Collection of competition pitches, using Zoom footage and b-roll. Starstruck Media (Premiere Pro)

Cutdown of online conference. Starstruck Media (Premiere Pro)

Collection of AGM speeches intercut with slides. WTV (Premiere Pro)

Studio and location-based factual ent show for Curiosity Stream for Impossible Factual (Avid Offline)

Offline Editor for primetime reboot of famous series. 45-minute episodes. Studio Leo/Channel 5 (Avid Media Composer)

Offline & Online Editor of 5-minute news item. Juniper/BBC (Premiere Pro)

Offline & Online Editor of 8 x 3-minute Party Political Broadcasts. Juniper/ Channel 4 (Premiere Pro)

Rowan J.'s Software Skills

Rowan is an advanced Premiere Pro editor.

Rowan is an advanced user of Avid.

Rowan is an intermediate-advanced user of After Effects.

Rowan is an advanced FCPX editor.

Rowan is an intermediate user of Da Vinci Resolve.

Rowan is an intermediate user of Pro Tools.

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