Robin H.

Robin H. Editor (Offline / Online).

Robin is a highly experienced editor, having specialized in feature films and television drama for almost twenty years. He was awarded the Royal Television Society award for his work on the BBC’s ‘W1A’. He has also worked extensively in commercials, online and promotional films.

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Editor/Co-Writer - Multi award-winning feature film for Baby Cow Films/Boum Productions

Editor - Feature film for Electric Shadow Company, based on the novel by Stephen Fry (Dir: John Jencks)

Editor - Feature Length $500,000 horror film for Mainline Releasing Group, Los Angeles. Also executed all visual effects and grading for film.

Editor - Feature film for Park Films (Dir: Ivan Kavanagh)

Editor - Feature film for Big Talk Productions (Dir: Ben Wheatley)

Editor - Feature Length $1.8 million horror film for Sci-Fi Channel/MPCA, Los Angeles.

Editor - Venice award winning feature film for Asmara Films (Dir: Noaz Deshe)

1 x 60’ Ob-doc for Nutopia/Amazon

1 x 120’ Peabody Award winning documentary for PBS/Big Table Films

7 x 30’ for Shiny Button/BBC ONE

6 x 30’ for Hat Trick/BBC ONE

Editor/VFX - 12 x 30’ British Dark comedy/drama starring Johnny Vegas as a small-time cannabis dealer in Manchester. - Baby Cow/BBC

Editor - 12 x 30’ - Partly animated British comedy based on the highly stylised Modern Toss cartoon strip. - Modern Toss Productions/Channel 4

Editor - 6 x 30’ Part CGI animated, part live action comedy show set in parallel universe. - BBC3

Editor - 1 x 15' animated pilot - E4

Editor - 7 x 30’ comedy show set inside the BBC.

Editor - 7 x 30’ comedy show for BBC

Editor - 13 x 30’ Children’s comedy/drama starring Rufus Hound who is being chased through space and time by evil Dr Muhahaha - CBBC/BBC Comedy

Editor - 2 x 30’ Format, Pilot and first episode of chart show for Xleague TV

Blink Productions

Director/Editor - Viral for BBC/The Viral Factory

Animation over vintage hardcore pron for The Viral Factory

Series of five viral ads for The Viral Factory.

Series of three viral ads for The Viral Factory

Series of eight virals for Cadburys Crème Egg for Tomboy Virals.

Ten Part online interview series for

Competition spot for MTV

Tomboy Virals

3’ promo for Sony Computer Entertainment - Maverick Media

10’ pitch - DDB - Maverick Media

5 x 30’ inspectorate training programme

Editor - Various corporate videos from 2001 - 2004

1 x 20’ programme on protecting Borneo’s orang-utans. - Hamma Glamma Ltd

Drama series for Nutopia/Netflix

Two episodes for BBC Drama

Three episodes for E4/Clerkenwell Films

Four episodes of the BAFTA-winning drama for Mammoth Screen

Drama series for Baby Cow/Sky One

3’ trailer for EA Games - Maverick Media

Robin H.'s Software Skills

Robin is an experienced After Effects Artist

Robin is a highly experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor

Robin is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor

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