Richard L.

Richard L. Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Generalist, 3D Animator, Editor (offline), Title Designer.

Richard, a London-based Motion Designer and Generalist, with over 17 years of experience in the industry.

His journey has taken him through prestigious studios including Netflix and Disney, where he has honed his craft.

Now, on a creative journey, Richard infuses each project with a distinctive flair and playful creativity.

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CC suite After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Red Giant, Element 3d, Boris FX, Compositing, VFX, Trapcode suite, DuiK, Sweet, Newton 2, JavaScript, Mr horse. Storyboards, illustration, Data-wrangling,

Pre-production, Post production.

Cinema 4d: Modeling, Animation, Camera, Mixamo, Anima, X-particles, Fluids, Cycles 4d,

Arnold Render, MoGraph, Cloth, Dynamics, Dem Earth, Physical render.

00:15 On Screen. ParkwayCinema (c4d /AFX) Creative

BillBoards, Underground etc. (AFX Creating advert Motion Graphics)

Time Square multi screen advert. Netflix (AFX) Creative) Transitions, and Motion Graphics

The Lion King, Oxford circus escalator multi screen advert. (AFX) Creative)

Transitions, and Motion Graphics

Screen advert. Stream Sound and Motion (AFX) Creative) Transitions,and Motion Graphics

Mary Poppins, Screen advert. (AFX) Creative Transitions, and Motion Graphics

02:30 Online Trailer. Netflix (c4d /AFX) Graphics localisation

03:00 Online Trailer. Netflix (c4d /AFX) Graphics localisation

02:45 Online Trailer. Netflix (c4d /AFX) Graphics localisation

3x45 A look inside the witcher and the beasts, Netflix (C4d/AFX) Localisation

The making of, 3x45 A look inside the Rain, Netflix (C4d/AFX) Localisation, also fixing colouring of shots.

Deep Purple, 3,23 Music Video (after effects) Animation.

Richard L.'s Software Skills

Richard is a highly experienced Motion Graphic designer.

Mid level Photoshop user.

Mid level.

Richard uses C4D to an expert level.

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