Remi A.

Remi Aaron

Remi A. Creative Editing, Editor (Offline / Online), Edit Assistant.

Remi is a confident and ambitious individual with eight years experience in offline editing with vast amount of experience working on documentaries, music videos and social content. Having worked with We Are Social as their Sports Video Editor, Remi has previous experience working for clients such as BBC, UEFA, Adidas, BBC, Chelsea and Publicis. His edit style has been honed over the past 8 years to become a quick all round editor who has an eye for the best shots as well using different paces of cuts to convey various emotions.

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Conversations for change UK TVC, Agile Pictures(Offline - Prem)

Dream in Black USA TVC (Offline - Prem)

Keep Rising 3 x USA TVC (Offline - Prem)

Still Rising USA TVC, (Offline/Online/Sound - Prem)

(13 x 22min Episodes), Paramount/BET/My5, (Offline - Prem)

Take the Knee VT, Somesuch/Premier League, (Offline/Online - Prem)

Still I Rise VT, BBC Sport (Offline/Online/Sound - Prem)

Tim Ream VT 23/11/2021, BBC Sport, (Offline - Prem)

6 x Cypher VTs, BBC/Freemantle, (Offline - Prem)

Millionz live performance VT, BBC/Freemantle (Offline - Prem)

Vacant Base, Channel 4, Offline

End of the Tunnel 3x edits , (Premiere, Offline)

4 min film for MOTDX, iplayer and BBC website. BBC Sport (Premiere, Offline)

My Unfair Advantage 4 x 4mins films about Footballers struggles to overcome difficulty, We Are Social, (Premiere, Offline)

Adam Petty - Never Surrender, We Are Social, (Premiere, Offline)

Underground rap gets popified, VICE, Offline (Premiere, Offline)

Tia Kofi ‘Art on my sleeve, Havas, (Premiere, Offline)

X Looney Tunes – Instory & OOH – We Are Social (Premiere, Offline, Online)

Dr. K Renee Horton breaks barriers in space, Google (Premiere, Offline)

A likke more, Warm Street (Premiere, Offline)

Jay 1 Music Documentary, Amazon (Premiere, Offline)

Tango Squad S1 EP5-EP11, S2 EP1-PE11, 17 x 8-30 minute football documentary following influencer team play across Europe. We Are Social – (Premiere Online/Offline/AFX)

Paolo Dybala – Behind the Mask – Documentary following Paolo Dybala in 2018/2019 season as he tries to lead Juventus to champions League Glory (Premiere, Online)

Untold Studios (Premiere, Online)

2 x 60 Mens/Womens wear music films – We Are Social (Premiere, Offline/Online)

This is You Season x3 Hero, Mens, Womens & Unisex – (Premiere, Offline)

‘Only You Freestyle’, Untold Studios, (Premiere, Offline/Online)

Elixir Pictures, (Premiere, Offline/Online)

(UKMVA winner UK best hip hop video 2021), Untold Studios, (Premiere, Offline/Online)

No Games, Somesuch, (Premiere, Offline)

‘Don’t Cry’, Elixir Pictures, (Premiere, Offline/Online/Sound)

‘Effort Less’, Vice, (Premiere, Offline)

Big Game Player, (Premiere, Offline)

We Are Social, (Premiere, Offline/Online)

Never Surrender Hero, We Are Social, Premiere, Offline

World Championship 2019 hero, We Are Social, (Premiere, Offline)

Predator, DINK (Premiere, Offline)

Uniforia Euro 2020 Ball launch, We Are Social (Premiere, Offline, Online, Grade)

Meet You There Campaign – DINK (Premiere, Offline)

Series 1 & 2 hero films – TLS (Premiere, Offline)

N’Golo Kante 3 x 60 secs - We Are Social (Premiere, Offline)

Remi A.'s Software Skills

Remi is an advanced Premiere Pro Editor.

Remi is an advanced Final Cut Editor.

Remi uses AFX to enhance his work.

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