Paul H.

Paul H. Creative Editing, Editor (Offline / Online).

Paul is a well-seasoned editor with over 25 years editing experience. With such an extensive and rich experience in post-production he has a versatile and comprehensive understanding of a programmes’ structure and strengths. From creating powerful documentaries to fast paced action sequences, to targeted advertising branded content.

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ITN PRODUCTIONS – 16 x 45min – CH5

S2 – BARCROFT – 16 X 25’ ITV

20 x 60mins Middlechild TV, CH5 ( Avid )

10 x 45 Renowened Films, The Weather Channel ( Avid )

Series 2: 30 x 45 mins Middlechild TV, CH5 Avid

10 x 45 mins, Raise the Roof, Ch5 ( Avid )

10 x 50min, Barcroft Studios ( Adobe Premier )

10 x 45 mins Middlechild TV, CH5 ( Avid )

6 x 60 mins, Maverick TV for CH4 (Avid)

15x30 mins BBC daytime, Flame TV (Avid)

Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic, Discovery Mentorn US 6x60 (Avid)

Over 500 short form Audi UK 2minute Product films, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX, DVR, C4D, Audition)

UK product films, Vertical Productions, (Premiere, AFX, C4D, DVR, Audition)

Silver and Bronze @ EVCOM 10’’, 20’’, 60’’ campaign, BBH (Premiere, AFX, DVR)

20 X 2:00, Web Product Sales Films, AGCO (Premiere, AFX, DVR, Audition)

4x2mins, Online Web content and Promotional Films (Premiere, AFX, DVR, Audition)

35’’ Production description, ME+EM, (Premiere, AFX. DVR, Audition)

2 x 30’’ New Seasonal production release, Dazzleship (AFX)

12 x 2’mins, Yearly online teasers Brand pilot, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX)

2 x 60’’ Online Web Product Campaign, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX, DVR, Audition)

2 x 3:10min, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX, DVR, Audition

5 x 2-minute, Web hybrid awareness, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX)

James Moir. Atomized & Gaggle Films. 15 versions TVC, press and online (DIT/ OFFLINE/ ONLINE/ GRADE / S.MIX)

THE EDGE – 1 X 120”

The Road to LeMan’s: Short Doc, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX)

Research films for Royal Mail, Jaguar, Land Rover, Vertical Productions (Premiere, FCP)

International Women’s day, social media campaign (Premiere)

Informational and Product Films, Vertical Productions, (Premiere, AFX)

Series of films following the SEAT BTCC team, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX, Audition, FCP)

Product range films for consumer camera range, Vertical Productions (FCP, AFX)

BTCC Social Media, Online content films, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX)

Various Internal Comms films, Vertical Productions (Premiere)

24 x 3-minute Portal instructional films, Fifty one Films, (Premiere, AFX)

23 x 20 sec internal films (Premiere, AFX)

Internal films, Vertical Productions (Premiere, AFX)

20’’ 30’’ Web Content, New Features and Models, Mercedes Benz (Premiere, AFX)

3’3’’ Training and Development Programme (Premiere Pro, AFX)

1 x 30 min, Nickelodeon (Avid)

1 x 30min, Nickelodeon (Avid)

6 x 5mins idents to introduce a series of films about food, Film Four (Avid)

Pilot, Spectrecom Films (FCP)

Attaboy TV – 18 x 45mins CH4 / BRAVO

8 x 60 mins, BBC1, IMG/TWI UK (Avid)

Brighter Pictures, CH5 (Avid)

6 x 46 mins, Sky one, Talkback Thames (Avid)

12 x 45min Inventors Roadshow, UK Horizon, ITV (Avid)

1 x 20 Sky one Productions for Ch4 (Avid)

13 x 30 mins, Ch5 (Avid)

28 X 45 mins, BBC 2 Daytime, Leopard Films (Avid)

11 x 60mins / US special, RDF Media for CH5 (Avid)

10 x 5 min + 1 x 60 mins, Studio Chat Forum, BBC4

12 x 30mins, BBC2 for Wall to Wall (Avid)

14 x 60 mins Endemol UK for CH5 (Avid)

12 x 30mins, Wall to Wall to BBC2 (Avid)

S1,2and 3 6 x 30mins CH4 (Avid)

10 x 30 min, Bravo 4D Productions (Avid)

Paul H.'s Software Skills

Paul is a highly experience offline & online Premier Pro editor.

Paul is an advanced user of After Effects.

Paul is an experienced user of Avid.

Paul is an advanced user of DVR.

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