Paul G.

Paul G. Editor (offline).

Paul always focuses his attention on the ultimate success of every project and takes great personal pride in always delivering, eye-catching, engaging & enjoyable stories, which are tailored to the author’s vision. Owing to his early career, gaining years of experience managing productions, Paul has developed a sensitive, thoughtful and methodical approach to any brief. He can take his knowledge of different production roles and use them to inform parts of his editorial process; as he understands the needs of the disparate sets of stakeholders involved in every project. Beyond solely editing, Paul’s motion GFX and sound knowledge, means he can take a project from beginning to end, delivering the final output with speed, polish and flare. The majority of Paul’s experience as a professional editor has involved creating short form content (brand promos, social content, exhibition and installation films), largely within the beauty space, but far from exclusively. Over the last 5 years Paul has also added numerous examples of documentary content to his repertoire.

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3 x 15 sec Instagram stories + 1 x 16:9 feed adverts for new range of Hair Clippers. Panasonic / Design Studio (AVID)

3 min post lockdown industry revival plea film. 16oz Films & INFRINGE for British Beauty Council(AVID)

1 min online lifestyle promo/ad for Los Angeles skate apparel brand – RAWR (AVID)

1 min 45 sec Customer Communication film about GDPR. Taylor Made Media (Premiere)

5 x 12 sec abstract idents promoting the visual creativity of a 1-stop boutique studio, based in North London. Created using macro photography techniques, exclusively using in-house equipment, personnel and knowhow. (AVID)

THE ARTISTIC EDIT – 35 sec brand promo communicating the launch of new professional product range. TIGI / Unilever (AVID)

2 min lookbook promo. TIGI / Unilever (AVID, After Effects)

Editing + creating neon-style motion GFX and compositing

1 min 15 sec brand/lifestyle promo created for rebrand of Nordic hair product company. (AVID)

60 sec sizzle reel promoting the diverse breadth of work produced by a North London-based production company. 16oz Films (AVID)

2 min 30 sec post-COVID art film exploring themes of isolation, human stimulation, intimacy, fear and the consequence of touch within the dual realities of analogue and digital experiences. 16oz Films for INFRINGE (AVID)

1 x 25 min episode featuring Jane Goodall and Simon Amstell – Actuality series following Jack Harries on his journey across the UK to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow to share the stories from the unheard voices of those most impacted by the effects of climate change. Silverback Films for Youtube Originals

1 x 8 min documentary short that visits the notorious Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa and listens to Walied’s account about how barbering helped him leave the violence of gang-life. – 16oz Films for INFRINGE (AVID)

1 x 12 minute documentary short Meeting the lovable Daisy Puller and learn how tapping into the power of hair and drag have helped her face difficult stages in life, from getting through high school to thriving while HIV positive. 16oz Films for INFRINGE (AVID)

1 x 7 minute documentary short following African Rastafarians from the Western Cape who share their beliefs about identity, freedom and rituals around hair. 16oz Films for INFRINGE (AVID)

2 min TV pitch promo for new talent. Foodhall Group (AVID)

Finalist in ‘Unearthed Food Film shorts’ category / Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards 2018

3 min short film containing 3 x recipes cooked outdoors, over fire. Foodhall Group (AVID)

Winner of Best Super Short Film at the NYC Food Film Festival 2018

1 min Promo for Bristol-based Michelin starred restaurant – Foodhall Group (Premiere)

4 min music promo – The visual story depicts the inevitability of a doomed relationship. RAWR (AVID)

13 min short film/documentary which unearths some of the secrets behind the notorious number gangs of South Africa. Told through personal accounts and the art tattooed onto the bodies of ex-gang members – Groundglass Productions (AVID)

Winner of multiple festival awards and was accepted by more than 20 film festivals across the globe, including: Interfilm, Durban and Clermont Ferand.

20 short film - An actor's whole world gets brought into question as he begins to unravel, his roles taking more of an emotional and mental toll that slips into his family life - most notably with his young newly diagnosed hyper-empath daughter. (AVID)

American fantasy drama television series. Serving as a prequel to Game of Thrones (Avid)


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