Paul F.

Paul F. Editor (offline), Editor (Offline / Online), Editor (online).

Paul is an Adobe Premiere Pro video editor with six years editing experience. Before going freelance, he was the in-house editor at i-D Magazine, cutting some of the channel’s most viewed content. Before editing, he worked in production on feature films, shorts and music videos. He has edited both short and long form documentaries for brands, broadcast, and a variety of online publications. Alongside editing, he also write and directs his own fictional projects, further strengthening his strong storytelling skills when it comes to his editing work.

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45 min ep of series about cults - VICELAND (Premiere)

30 min documentary - BBC (FCP X)

4 X 1 hour eps of travel/cooking show - VICELAND (Premiere)

16 min documentary on online partying during lockdown - VICE (Premiere)

6 X 15 min episodes of sustainable travel show - VICE (Premiere)

36 min doc about rappers in Birmingham - VICE (Premiere)

28 min doc about discrimination in India - Surya Elango (Premiere)

20 min doc - SBTV/Wellcome (Premiere)

35 min doc exploring beauty in Brazil - i-D (Premiere)

30 min doc about feminism in LA - i-D (Premiere)

EPISODE 5 - 1 hour fashion design competition episode - BBC (Avid)

Episode of reality show - BBC3 (Premiere)

4 min branded doc about Chelsea fans in Japan for kit launch - Copa90 (Premiere)

4 min branded doc about lottery funded charity - VICE (Premiere)

4 min branded doc about a male nurse - GQ Magazine (Premiere)

6 X 1 min films featuring women discussing beauty - Pulse Films (Premiere)

2 X 3 min films about makeup and confidence - Pulse Films (Premiere)

4 min branded doc on charity Skateistan - Barcroft Media (Premiere)

4 X 15 min eps on women in London - My Accomplice (Premiere)

1 X 11 min doc on art curation - i-D (Premiere)

4 min doc about the actress - i-D (Premiere)

14 min doc about Glasgow underground - i-D (Premiere)

3 min film about queer friendship - i-D (Premiere)

4 min look at the drag race winner - i-D (Premiere)

10 min doc - i-D (Premiere)

2 min film about zines - i-D (Premiere)

13 min doc about the designer - i-D (Premiere)

4 min doc about the show - i-D Japan (Premiere)

6 min doc about the model - i-D (Premiere)

24 min doc about the designer - i-D (Premiere)

10 min doc about the designer - i-D (Premiere)

10 min doc about the designer - i-D (Premiere)

5 X 90 sec hair straightener online ads - Odelay Films (Premiere)

18 X 30 sec social ads featuring influencers for perfume - i-D Magazine (Premiere)

5 X 1 min social ads of kids reacting to Christmas films - Somethin’ Else (Premiere)

4 X 30 sec social ads starring Eo - Reebok (Premiere)

10 min internal film - Agile Films (Premiere)

3 x 1 min films on radio station - Comic Relief (Premiere)

Various trailers for upcoming shows - BBC (Premiere)

10 min music doc - i-D (Premiere)

5 x 10 min interviews - NOISEY (Premiere)

Live music video - Sony Music (Premiere)

15 min fiction short - The Uncertain Kingdom (Premiere)

17 min fiction short - Great Lake Films (Premiere)

15 min fiction short - Great Lake Films (Premiere)

13 min fiction short - Resilient Pictures/Signature Pictures (Premiere)

1.5 min reel for Me by Melia - i-D Magazine (Premiere)

6 x 3 min films on online bullying - GLAMOUR (Premiere)

Paul F.'s Software Skills

Paul is an advanced Premiere Pro offline and onliner editor.

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