Paddy P.

Paddy P. Editor (offline).

Paddy is a popular Editor amongst our long form clients including factual giants ITN, Discovery, Sky Vision, Darlow Smithson, Nutopia and BBC. He comes from a diverse background which also includes a variety of shorter form projects so having experience in both areas allows Paddy to approach all edits with a broader perspective than most long form editors. He is a well organised intuitive operator who is used to disseminating large amounts of footage and weaving a story from it, and he also likes to write. Having represented Paddy for some time now, he is not only reliable and meticulous, he also has a very kind and thoughtful unflappable nature which is exactly what’s needed on any post production team.

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ITN Productions Channel 5 120 min Version

Young Britain Series for ITN Productions Ch5

7th & 8th Series Screen Channel BBC 1 60 min expose of all things fake and fraudulent.

(Preditor) Darlow Smithson BB1 Returning Proceeds of crime series

Curve Media BBC1

Series 8 Eps 5 & 8 60 min Formatted Show with Drama Recon. Ore Oduba presents this investigation in to the insurance industry that charts fraudsters' undoing from their initial outrageous claim to getting caught – bang to rights.

Topical TV for BBC3

CCTV based Ob Doc catches thieves in the act.

1 x 60’ Examines the Niger Delta Region. Flagrant Films, BBC, Director Chris Dada. (Editor)

7 part series. An ambitious and gripping series about the history of the British Isles from Stonehenge to World War Two, the Roman occupation to the discovery of penicillin. 18th Century Episode. Director Jenny Ash, Nutopia for Sky. (Assembly Editor)

90’ Art Series. Alan Yentob presents arts series. Imagine – BBC1. (Additional Editor)

1x 1 hr, Documentary.
Coverage and behind the scenes at the World’s Ugliest Dog competition. Dead or Alive, C5

Feature Documentary. Centred on Cajun music in Louisiana. Director Tarka Cordell. **Selected for South By South West Festival 2011 (Editor)

Alan Yentob presents arts series. Imagine – BBC1. Additional editor

Explores the epic legal battle between George Lucas and the original Star Wars Prop Maker. (Producer/Director/Camera/Writer/Editor)

1 x 90’. The definitive documentary on one of England's greatest heroes. Alan Shearer, in his own words. Director Patrick Nolan, SFX Sports Group. (Editor)

The story of Simon Butler the jailed British Ski Instructor who has taken on the French (ESF) Ski Schools and the French Civil service over his right under European Law to teach in France. (Producer/Director/Camera/Writer/Editor)

3 x 60’ Documentary series about Nigeria. Director Chris Dada for BBC World. (Editor)

**Winner Monte Carlo TV Festival 2011

60’ Documentary fronted by Homeland star David Harewood and featuring actors Damian Lewis and Naomi Watts, exploring the impact of failure on those in the profession. Art Lab, Sky Arts. (Editor)

1 x 60’ Episode 6: Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford step inside the lives of the super-rich, detailing the most lavish and luxurious lifestyles. Spun Gold, Channel 5. (Editor)

30’ Investigation into the relationship between Qatar & Korea. Ultra-Marine Films. (Editor)

1 x 60’ Current Affairs Documentary.

Dispatches goes undercover analysing data and aviation anecdotes to determine whether or not air travel is still the safest form of travel. C4, ITN Productions

1 x 30’ Crime Series Real Life CCTV footage show presented by Dom Littlewood. Topical for BBC (Editor/Writer)

1 x 30’ Featuring Fire, Police, Ambulance & Coast Guard rescues. BBC 1. (Editor)

1 x 60’ Investigation into the history behind the terrifying virus. Sky Vision for Discovery Channel (Editor)

1 x 60’ Fat summer camp for kids. Two Four TV, BBC 3. (Additional Editor)

Fly on the wall nutrition based series analysing the psychology & science of eating. This show scrutinises the eating habits of overweight families by putting them under 24-hour camera surveillance. Endemol for Channel 4 (VT Editor)

Ep 8 “Bob Duke” 1 x 60’. Hard hitting drama doc fronted by Chris Hansen investigating a murderer in Wyoming who killed his wife and child and then plotted to kill his parents for the life insurance money. ITN / Discovery US. (Editor)

1 x 60’. Drama doc investigating notorious American criminals. World Media Rights / Discovery. (Additional Editor)

Comedy Series with Jack Whitehall for CH4

Comedy Multiple BBC1 screenings, Feature, Director Gerry Poulson

Comedy Sketch Show, Director Johnny Daukes, BBC 3

Observational Comedy Documentary series Pilot (from 160 hours of material)

with Richard Glover and John Hopkins

Sketch show Director Johnny Daukes Additional Editor

David Cameron Property Dealings Expose

Investigation into Ethnic Genetic Irregularities in the North of England

5 years program of the epic Hebridian windsurfing event. Part of IMG award winning Sports Show for Sky Sports 1/2/3. (Producer/Director/Editor)

5 x Series, Sky. (Producer/Director/Editor)

Director: Nick Livesey for Ridley Scott.

Director: Ridley Scott (location edit Northern Argentina, Milan).

Germany. Editor and special FX supervisor

Director: John S Clarke. Winning Multi Award

Director Molotoff Bros. Winning Multi Awards Inc Best of year BATA

Director: Mitch Walker NY Clio Editing Award

Director: John S Clarke. Multi Award Winning

Director: Patricia Murphy

Director: John S Clarke. Multi Award Winning Inc Best of year BATA

Director: Frank Budgen

Director: Dominic Murphy

Director Tom Hooper. British TV Awards

Director: Ridley Scott

ITV, various directors

Director: Tony Scott & Ridley Scott

Director Martin Brierley, ITV

Directors 3 Bears. Kids Claymation

Director: Frank Budgen

Director Martin Brierley CH4, Outright winner NY Festival. (Editor)

Robert Golden’s Psychological Drama Feature about a woman seeking to find her first love after being wrongly diagnosed with terminal cancer. (Editor)

Black Comedy **Winner BIFI Awards Best British Independent Film 2005 (Editor)

Historical Drama, film for UAE (Editor)

Comedy Drama, Director Rauridh Webster, CH4 (Editor)

Sexual manners drama, Director Adam Ganz (Editor)

Drama, Rita Osei’s heart wrenching story about a mother coming to terms with the death of her child. (Editor)

Drama, Director Don Morrison. (Editor)

Drama, Director Rauridh Webster. (Editor)

Director Peter Jackson

Director Gerry Poulson

Director Robert Golden

Director Tom Hooper

Director Simon Hunter

For DOP Larry Smith. Director Stanley Kubrick

Director Tom Hooper

Giles Foster

1 x 60’ Exploring the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. Plum Pictures, Channel 4. (Additional Editor)

2 x 30’ Science Series. Best of series including new material. Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut present the food and science series that travels the world to lift the lid on what’s really in the food we eat. Ricochet for CH4. (Editor)

1 x 120’ Factual Special. Darlow Smithson’s ambitious project rebuilt Stonehenge in the finest, unspoilt ancient landscape in Europe – less than five miles from where it stands today. The programme tests new and old theories as to how it was built and explores various ideas as to what the structure looked like. Darlow Smithson for Discovery Channel. (Additional Editor)

Spicer and Moore

Plastic Pictures

Media Zoo

Series of Corporate films. Director Babak for Ridley Scott

17 day location shoot / edit on 2 Red cams for Ridley Scott

Director: Don Morrison. Award Winning

Director: Babak For Jack Morton

Director: Patrick Nolan

Director: Don Morrison. Award Winning

PCI Director: Babak

Laing Gale & Associates

Now Watch It!

1 x 45’ series. Fast paced presenter lead investigation into the London Property Scene. Ricochet for London Live (Editor/Writer)

Teaser, Windfall Films. Editor.

Teaser, EuroArt. Writer, Editor.

Dancer profile for the Royal Academy of Dance. HiBrow (Editor)

A group of celebrities learn to cook in the eclectic Corfu style. Two Four. (Editor)

1 x 60’ Fresh One / Channel 4. (DV Editor)

60’ Come Dine With Me spin off for ITV Studios for ITV, (Editor)

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Paddy is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

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