Oz T.

Oz T. Motion Graphic Designer, Compositor.

Oz T is a compositing artist and online Editor with over fifteen years of commercial and feature film experience. He is confident with multiple software platforms like Nuke, Flame and After Effects.

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TVC 30” – Various tasks like screen comps, clean ups. ETC (Nuke)

Get lost – Cinema – 132” – 3D comps, scene extensions. ETC (Nuke)

Boutiques TVC – 90”– Compositing . ETC (Nuke)

Watch5 – 120” TVC - Compositing, scene transitions. ETC (Nuke)

156” TVC – Compositing, smoke effects. ETC (Nuke)

Corsa e – 60” TVC – Compositing, DMP – ETC (Nuke)

60” TVC – CG compositing – Agile (Nuke)

60” innovation event – CG compositing – Agile (Nuke)

Compositing and 3D modeling and lighting – (Nuke, Maya)

VFX supervision, Compositing – (Nuke, AFX)

Compositing and Screen Designs (Nuke, Photoshop)

(GEP) –Chroma Keys – Tinker Taylor (Nuke)

Anthony J Cook - Compositing, HUD design & integration (Nuke, AFX, Premiere Pro)

Oz T.'s Software Skills

Oz is an advanced AFX op.

Oz is an advanced Nuke Op.

Oz is an advanced Flame op.

Oz is an advanced Premiere Pro online editor.

Oz is a mid level Smoke artist.

Oz is an intermediate Photoshop user.

Oz uses Mocha to an intermediate level.

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