Oliver D.

Oliver D. Animator, Compositor, Designer, Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Animator.

Oli is an animator, compositor and designer with 14 years’ experience in animation/film and a background in traditional design. Having worked in the industry in various roles for over a decade he is well adept to assist throughout the production process from concept to creation. With experience in storyboarding/script writing, design and art direction, character animation and motion graphics. Oliver also has experience of shooting, editing and colour grading film with excellent post production skills; compositing, tracking and secondary animation, effects and keying.

Directing and producing his own projects has given him a broad knowledge of production.

He is highly skilled in After Effects and the Adobe suite, with a working knowledge of Cinema 4D, Premiere and Final Cut 7. Oliver loves cats, curry and cameras.

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Production of character animation for new ‘Sphere knowledge’ App to be released 2018

Direction and production of character animation for Agile films/HP/Wired

Promotional material for new Shiseido product Ultimune involving directing 2D/3D animators and participating in 2D animation / compositing (Director / Animator / Compositor).

Promotional material for US launch (Director / 2D Animator).

LED screen campaign, Unit 9/Albion (Director / Animator).

Unit 9 (3D Environment Modelling / Compositor).

Launch campaign, Agency Republic (Designer / Compositor / Colour Grade).

(Director / Storyboarding / Animator).

Unit 9 (Designer / Concepts / Animator).

Online campaign, Unit 9 (Effects / Info Graphics / Animator / Editor).

Unit 9 (Concept Animation).

Specialmoves (Character Animator).

3D Modelling, Animation, Compositing for online campaign - Unit 9

W+K Delhi (Animation Concepts).

Unit 9 (Keying / Editor / Compositor).

Unit 9 (Designer / Concepts / Animator).

(3D Character Modelling).

Direction, Storyboarding, Animation of 8 part character animation series. - Stickee

W+K Delhi (Director / Compositor / Producer).

Leo Burnett Lisbon (Director / Storyboarding / Animator).

W+K Delhi (Director / Storyboarding / Animator).

Various Animation and Compositing

Chase Imagination (Compositor / Animator).

Unit Post Production (VFX Tests).

Various Animation, Compositing and Colour Grading

Assisting Direction & Production of music videos (Producer / Editor / Compositor / Set Construction / Lighting).

Music promo (Animator).

Michigan Tech funded documentary following climatologists on Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, National Geographic Channel and BBC (Director / Filming / Editor).

Motion branding for Wolff Olins

Brand and instructional animations of live events (Director / Storyboarding / Animator / Filming / Editor).

BEAR Design (Director / Storyboarding / Animator).

Groupe Blue Paris (Director / Storyboarding / Animator).

In store film, AKQA (Animator / Compositor).

Flash presentation for worldwide creative director, Unit 9 (Animation / Build).

Case study films for KitKat Android and Bendgate campaigns, JWT (Director / Animator).

Online campaign, Specialmoves (Animator).

Online campaign, Unit 9 (3D Modelling / Animator / Compositor).

Online campaign (Character Animator).

Youngguns 9 - Won the yearly award for portfolio of projects.


Oliver D.'s Software Skills

Oli uses Cinema 4D to enhance his own work.

Oli is a highly experienced After Effects Animator, Compositor and Designer.

Oli is a basic user of Premiere and can use it to enhance his own work.

Oli is a basic user of Final Cut 7 and can use it to enhance his own work.

Oli is an advanced user of Illustrator.

Oli is an advanced user of Photoshop.

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