Nik H.

Nik Hayward

Nik H. Editor (Offline / Online).

Nik has been in the Industry for over 20years, he has a very long list of credits for many different channels and various styles of genre. Whether it’s long form documentaries, sizzlers, daytime or drama he’s fully equipped for the job. His creative skills and eye for detail is complemented by an easy grasp of the total concept and an ability to combine off-line and on-line elements to create the finished programme. He says he’s seen it all and still loves what he does

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A documentary about the rise and fall of Thomas Cook. (C4)

A documentary on the Manchester United Goal keeper Harry Gregg who survived the crash - National Geographic

Hard hitting series on how the Vice deal with serious offenders Discovery Channel

6 x 50min Episodes of a documentary on various aspects of Adolf Hitler’s life National Geographic

Michael Aspel remembers his childhood experiences and meets other Evacuees ITV1

The harrowing story of a six-year-old child that was murdered in 1995, with an exclusive interview with Rikki’s mother. – C5.

The life story of Volodymyr Zelenskyy and how he rose to power. – C4.

Following the Gibraltar police and Customs officers, tackling crime on land and at sea.

– Dave.

A harrowing 3-part series about Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall.


Interviews and archive documenting the royal family meeting the Middleton’s.

- Channel 5

Interviews and archive documenting the royal family and the surrounding Meghan Markle. – Channel 5

The winter of 63, how Britain coped in atrocious weather conditions and could they cope today?. – C5.

A day following the emergency medical staff at Nottingham hospital. – C4

Celebrities reminisce on the cities they were brought up in - Meridian Broadcasting

Chris Packham follows the prehistoric trails where dinosaurs once trod – ITV Network

Three experts scour the country to find the nicest home – Channel Four

Two teams in search for “bootsale bargains”, to sell for a profit–Carlton Television

A fun series on enjoyable ways of making money – Carlton Television

Couples talking about their relationships, hosted by John Peel - Carlton Television

In the Summer of 2007, the weather caused havoc up and down the country, causing floods like Britain had never seen before. – C5

Prince Harry talks exclusively with Tom Bradby and discusses his new explosive autobiography – Spare. And also reveals many stories from within the monarchy. – ITV.

Following the seasons with the owners and the staff of Castle Howard. How are they going to raise enough money to keep this magnificent castle maintained. – C4.

The inspirational life of Maggie Smith, where it all began and the national treasure she is today. – C5.

Sam and Billie Faiers - ITVBe

Sites and excursions around the South of England – BBC One

Two eccentrics with a strong passion for fishing and shooting - BBC Two

A Day following the emergency medical staff at Nottingham hospital. (C4)

Following the Gibraltar police and Customs officers, tackling crime on land and at sea. – Dave.

One of ITV London’s highest rating fly on the wall series about running an Airport - ITV

Following the Police around London and learning how they’re tackling Crime - ITV

Fast paced car chases and catching criminals in and around London - ITV

Fly on the wall documentary about life as London’s paramedics - ITV

A live series for the BBC on people who go missing and the impact it has on Families - BBC One

Dominic Littlewood warns us on all the dangers and scams of Fake goods BBC One

10 x Episodes about bailiffs’ quest to recover debt owed BBC One

5 x Episodes about how criminals lose their money, cars, jewellery etc and see it auctioned off to the highest bidder - BBC ONE

Presentation on its company’s values and goals. “The road ahead”

Multi-layered images shot from all over the world portraying people, equipment and their network coverage.

Edited for a conference in New York on the new Audi A8

Tim Lovejoy presents all the greatest football mangers in history with lots of unseen footage. – Sport Relief Dvd

Ricky Tomlinson presents all his greatest football moments with a wide range of hilarious clips past and present. – Empire Dvd

David James talks about his passion, his greatest goalies and his best football clips from around the world - DVD

Michael Sheen hosts a show with massive amounts of classic archive footage onsome of the world’s greatest football managers – DVD

Reza Mahammad travels round India and samples dishes from various regions Food Network UK

James Martin learns the ups and downs of growing his own produce and proves how much better it tastes in his own recipes - UK Food

Following the seasons with the owners and the staff of Castle Howard. How are they going to raise enough money to keep this magnificent castle maintained?

200 years of war, an outdoors sound, slide & lighting show narrated by Judy Dench a John Miller Production

10 x Episodes following Britain’s police dogs up and down the country Discovery

Clip show looking at the funnier and weirder clips from the internet narrated by Donald Sinden UKTV

Catching up on past series and sneak previews of what’ come from season five - FOX

Teenagers experiencing a day’s work in a career of their choice BBC Learning Channel

Award winning educational series using students to report and present topical issues - BBC Two

Series 1-7 - More spells and zaps than you can shake a wand at ITV Network

Nik H.'s Software Skills

Nik is a super advanced creative user of Avid.

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